3 Tip the Printer Rarely Used So It is Not Damaged

Printers rarely used no doubt will influence on performance of existing hardware or spare parts in machinery such as Printer and cartridge. However, for those of you who are indeed very rarely use the Printer but the Printer you want to remain durable and not quickly broken, so we recommend reading this article with intact and not in bits and pieces so that the results are good.

How to Reset Epson L1800 Printer

One of the Epson Printer Series the L Series to date is still the idol to the community in Indonesia is a Epson L1800 Printer , which sold at an affordable price this gives advantages in comparison to other good brands of speed When you print to a full feature easy operation for the community. However, there are just the symptoms will occur on this Printer so it has to be done to Reset Epson L1800 printer.

Networking Essentials that are Often Made Trivial

Arguably this time, especially in big cities, almost every House/Office/other buildings now have an internet connection. When you have an internet connection, or whether it also had certain ADSL Modem-Router, Wireless Router or Access Point.

How to make a USB Extender Cable 10 meters.

Discussion nio86.com this time is about how to make a USB cable 10 meters. Maybe you've had, at the time of linking flash drive or modem to an extension USB cable (USB Extender) it turns out that the device is not recognized by your computer, even though the Flash, modem and USB port  works well. Why does this happen? 

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