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Some of people, who can use the Windows operating system how to install Windows on their own computer systems. Maybe for some people it is very easy but for ordinary users is very difficult because of the habit of installing the computer was missing. This article was I give to anyone who wants to learn how to install his own computer by right without fear of making mistakes because I've included a tutorial with pictures that are very easy to understand.

Minimum hardware
specifications are required:

* Pentium Processor 300 MHz
* CDROM / DVDROM drive
* 128 MB RAM
    * 2 MB VGA

1. Previously you needed a bootable Windows XP CD first and then input in the CDROM / DVDROM you. Then restart your computer, then appears to look like the image and press the Delete key on the keybord so that you can enter the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) computer. In some types of Mainboard must press the F2 key on the keyboard. You can see it on the command Press DEL to run Setup. 
2. Then you will be in the BIOS and then select Boot on the menu and select Boot Device Priority items as shown.
3. Then you change the [CDROM] in the position of 1st Boot Device to boot from the CD-ROM by using the (+) or (-) button in keyboard.Lalu press F10 to save your configuration.
4. Save configuration of BIOS by pressing F10, Reboot the computer, wait until it says something like this and then press any key quickly.5. After the following display and press Enter to go to the process of installing or R to repair Windows on Recovery consule or F3 to end the install process.6. Continue on Lisencing Agreement and press F8 for advanced ESC to abort the process.

7. If partition has not been filled by the Windows XP Operating System.Press C to create a new partition on the hard drive and Enter to install.
8. Then input how much capacity you want to create partitions in units of megabytes (MB) and press Enter to create a partition as shown in the picture.
9. Then press Enter to start the installing process or press Delete to delete the partition.
10. And select the NTFS file system (Quick) or FAT file system (Quick) and press Enter.

11. When the installation process step 1 → 10 true then it will look like the picture.
12. After that you arrive at the following screen Click Next

13. Then fill in with Name and Organization You then press Next.

14. Here you will fill in the Product Key or Serial Numbers of the type of Windows XP. Then press Next again.

15. Enter the computer name and password to access it and press Next

16. Set Time Zone in the position according to your residence. For example (GMT +08:00), click Next.

17. Typical settings: In this option will be made the default network settings of Windows XP and Custom settings: For setting up your network manually and then click Next.

18. When you connect to a local network with a domain select the option Yes, then fill with the same name DOMAIN with DOMAIN Your network

19. The last step, you can just click Ok, Next, Skip and Finish are also asked to fill in your name. until you are on the Windows XP desktop display like this. Now you can install your PC hardware drivers.

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