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Currently the connection is no longer limited by the internet cafe, or at home by plugging in the cable home phone to a PC or laptop, but we can use the services of organizing the GSM or CDMA mobile phones. All operators offer internet connection services by simply connecting the phone with a regular PC or laptop through mobile data cable, infrared or bluetooth. A variety of incentive offers and promotions scattered in all directions start with cheap rate until at high speed. But, whether it would apply equally to all people who live in different places and regions that have a geographically diverse? How is the signal range of the operator?

Well, we as users should be careful and wise in choosing an internet connection that we will use.

Actually there are many factors that affect Internet connection speed, ranging from mobile phones which we use as a modem, to support equipment such as PCs or laptops that have a variety of technical specifications.

Here, I will not discuss about cell phones or equipment, but I would like to invite to see the internet connection speed (download and upload speeds of data) that we use online through one of the sites speed test service providers, and here we can use Speedtest at (

Follow these steps to know your internet speed
The first step, is to open the site on In home view we will see a world map, and you'll be taken straight to an online map of where we are today.

The second step, click on the BEGIN TEST button to test the download and upload speeds from the same server location. Let's wait a while to wait for test results, after the testing process is completed then the results will be instantly displayed.

The third step, You will see the result of your Internet Speed Test, the results of the test is 0.04 Mbps for download speed and 0.05 Mbps for uploads.

You retest internet speed  by choosing a new, more distant locations by click the NEW SERVER button.

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