Power Supply Ceck

Damage of the computer would one day be experienced by computer users without any exception he includes computer technicians themselves. One solution that can be done is to check the Power Supply from the computer. If the Power Supply is faulty, then you can replace it with a computer can still work to be alive and used as before. To check the Power Supply is still good or it is damaged you can perform the following steps:

  •  Make sure the electricity network in your home or place of electricity in a computer network used is on or working properly
  •  Make sure the the ac cable plugged in the socket and also attached to the Power Supply 
  • Look at the output pin of the Power Supply
  • Cut a wire / cable that is not stringy approximately the size of 6 cm. Connect the green wire to black wire. Once connected see fan (fan) PS you. If the Power Supply fan spins then worked fine. If not spinning, then the Power Supply was damaged immediately replace your Power Supply.
Thus an article on how to check the Power Supply. Hopefully useful and good luck

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