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The programs are installed on various types of computers and their usefulness. There is a paid program but not the least software or programs that are free (freeware). Programs that are free or freeware on install is not required to enter a code, a specific serial number, so users can immediately enjoy the full amenities. Unlike the software is freeware, software or programs that pay (shareware), when you install the program the user is asked to enter a number or serial number in order to use the facilities in full. To get the serial number, users must purchase licenses on the software developer. However, at present widely circulated on the internet software patch or crack of paid software has been widely circulated.
Sometimes windows are also experienced a problem that requires a re-install and program that was installed should also be lost. From here we have to reinstall the program and enter the serial number again. Well here we sometimes lose track of serial number code of the program. As a precaution so that the situation does not occur, we can see the serial number programs already installed on the computer including the serial number of windows xp or windows 7 serial number attached.
To view the serial number, serial code, of programs or windows that are installed on the computer, can be done with the help of a software. You can use the software license Koala viewer or Soft Key Revealer. On the software license koala viewer, open the program and then click licenses then get the serial number the program will be open for you then please exported for storage. It looks like the image below.

And for the software Soft Key Revealer, run the program and then click scan, then the serial number and user name will appear and you can store it in Application Ms Word or in Notepad.

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