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Can you imagine if your important files or data lost. Surely it will make you dizzy or confused, it might even make you angry. But do not confused yet, there are solutions that can be done to restore your data or files are missing. One is with the help of software GetDataBack. Actually there are many software to restore data that has been erased, but I'm more inclined and like to use GetDataBack. because it is more familiar to me, and there is GetDataBack for NTFS and FAT file system. stay running until step 3, the data we have re-emerged. then we just copy / backup data to another disk or partition to another. but the weakness of this software can only restore formatted hard disk data before the last time.

to get data back using GetDataBack, you can perform the following steps:

1. GetDataBack ntfs download latest file if the file system is ntfs and fat GetDataBack if the file system is fat (more secure if download both). to get GetDataBack for NTFS please download HERE. and for FAT and download HERE
2. If you've not install GetDataBack on the directory / hard drive to be returned in the data. for example there are two directories C and D, which will be scanned is a directory D, then install GetDataBack on the drive C, do not be installed on drive D.
3. Run GetDataBack run time. click next wrote, GetDataBack will scan your hard drive or partition that is in kompie.
4. Select the hard disk or partition for which data will be returned, at this step, the partition is visible file system is NTFS or FAT.
5. click next step 2 GetDataBack will begin to work digging the missing data. From here the heart had started pounding, but still have to wait for a long time.
6. After that click next, to show the volume of data on the hard drive / partition, then click next.
7. Furthermore, the data is lost already visible. select the files to be restored copy click on the menu at the top. then select the directory where data will be refunded click OK.
Hopefully this experience valuable, and not to lose data again, even though they had got GetDataBack. OK.Good luck, good luck

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