Epson T13 Blink Reset

Epson T13 printers including the type of printer is very economical also reliable and powerful in its class, in addition, this type also include class types of printers are the most subtle and not make noise when printing activity in the room and the office. Well after we buy and own a printing press called the printer is certainly and surely will be used as fully as possible to print images on various kinds of media according to the needs and capabilities of each of us if it's a personal nature, but different again later if it is used by your story who had a printing business in the clear would be used to print the maximum again.

How to Reset Epson Stylus T13, follow these steps:

1. The first step of course epson T13 printer driver must be installed. To Download the driver in the Epson driver

2. Download software resetter Epson T13 first. Software Resetter Epson T13 named, you can download here

3. Date computer does not need to be changed as previously resetter.

4. IMPORTANT! Turn off your Antivirus, because resetter T13 is detected as virus by antivirus software.

5. Run the program resetter Epson T13 with a double click on the "AdjProg.exe".

6. Then follow the steps at the following picture:

Check: used to counter check the maximum 7800 points, you can see it in the main pad counter. If more or close to 7800 points means the printer needs to be reset "
"Initialization: used to reset or reset counter printer"

6. When finished turn the printer off then on again. The printer will flame with a green light. Epson Stylus T13 printer means that blink had been ready for use again.
Hopefully this article helpful to you
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