Speed ​​up Windows 7 Performance

Windows 7 is the operating system of today and that's good to try. Broadly, the display features of Windows 7 more comparable Windows Vista and Windows XP, but in terms of speed is better windows xp. But Windows 7 is biased accelerated performance as Windows XP. Incorrect configuration settings in Windows 7 Windows 7 will cause slow.

How to speed up performance tips Windows 7? Windows 7 comes with a variety of features that are more visual and interactions that you would not in Windows Vista and Windows XP. Here is how to accelerate the performance of Windows 7:

1. Speed ​​up booting Windows 7

    Click Start> type "msconfig" into the search field programs and files> Enter
    Click on the tab "Boot" and click "Advanced Options"
    Check the option "Number of processors" and indicate how much you want a processor with that of the PC (usually 2, 4 or 8).
    Click "OK" and "Apply"> Reboot

2. Accelerate the process of shutting down Windows 7

    Click Start> type regedit> enter.
    Go to HKEY-LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControl
    Right-click on the WaitToKillServiceTimeout and change the value decreases.
    Click OK> Restart

3. Run Faster Switching Window

    Click Start, type "system properties performance"
    Click the Visual Effects tab
    Uncheck "Animate windows Pls minimize and maximize" and click OK.

4. Disable Search Index in Windows 7

    Click Start> type services.msc in the Start Search box> to enter.
    Search Windows Search, and then right click and disable the service.

5. Disable Start-Up Program Tools

    Click Start> click Run.
    Type msconfig> click OK.
    Demonstrated that the System Configuration Utility> Click on Startup
    On the Startup tab, you will see a green box, checklist box will (v) are marked. Research each item is by looking at the Command. Try the Green Checklist (v) to remove unwanted items from programs. The programs with the command C: Windows should be left as original condition.
    After a number of items in uncheck (eliminating v in the box), then click Apply and / or OK. A confirmation if you want to start?
    After the restart, on-screen confirmation will appear again, and select "option for not showing this dialogue every time you restart your computer"

6. Optimization Rules Display (Display Settings)

    Click Start, then right-click My Computer> Properties
    Choose Advanced> On the perfomance, click Settings
    Appears Performance Option and Visual Effects
    Click Custom, and please list some items to check on the box, and lets continue to check the following items (v).

    Use visual styles on windows and buttons
    Show shadows under menus
    Show shadows under mouse pointer
    Show translucent selection rectangle
    Show contents of window dragging Pls
    Slide taskbar buttons
    Use common tasks in folders
    Use drop shadows for icons labels on the desktop

    Click Apply> OK> Restart

7. Speed ​​Up File Browsing

    Click Start, and then double-click My Computer
    Click on the Tools menu (top)
    Choose Folder Options
    Folder appears, and select View
    Remove the check mark (v) the automatic search for network folders and printers check box
    Click Apply> OK.

Slow computer performance could have made users lazy to linger in front of the computer. Conversely computer with excellent performance make the users will be comfortable to work in front of the computer. 7 tips to the performance of Windows 7 acceleration is a useful and good luck with the practice to be. After following these tips hopefully fast of windows 7. Your experience in optimizing Windows 7 may be of additional tips to be more perfect, you can write suggestions or tips other tricks in the comments section.

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