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Winamp is a media player made by Nullsoft, now a Warner cabangTime. Winamp is freeware or shareware software that can play and share the type of audio codec and can also dikostumisasi.Winamp first released by Justin Frankel in 1996. Development of the latest Winamp won praise from Ben Allison (benski), Will Fisher, Taber Buhl, Maksim Tyrtyshny, Chris Edwards and Stephen (Tag) Loomis. In 2005, Winamp grew from 33 million users monthly to over 57 million monthly users, making it the second Winamp is often used to playback media world after Windows Media Player.
Winamp is one of the software or applications that are useful when we want to play audio and video. Among several file formats that can be opened using software Winamp is WMA, WMV, MP4, MP3, WPL, wsx, WAV, MIDI, OGC, MOD, AAC, MPEG, AVI, NSV, ASF, etc., amounting to 60 file formats . Winamp also has the latest and management of library media settings are getting better and support a wider range of new skin through his official website. You can download thousands of Winamp skins or themes here

In addition, you also can directly listen or view online videos using this software Winamp. In fact, you can also view TV online using this Winamp Software. Winamp software can also be set using 16 languages. Among them are English, Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian and others.

Although the function is similar to Windows Media Player Classic, but the majority of computer users prefer it to Winamp. Including myself who prefer to use Winamp software than using any other similar software. wink icon Download Winamp Latest Software 2011
Winamp Winamp is the latest software version 5.6. The latest from the last version of Winamp is compared with the previous version are:

    Wireless desktop sync with Winamp for Android
    iTunes Library Import
    Major overhaul including new podcast directory powered by Mediafly
    New Windows 7 taskbar player controls including support
    Available in 16 languages ??including Turkish, Romanian & Brazilian Portuguese
    Improved playlist generator
    Add the Winamp Toolbar and control playback from your browser (optional)

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