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According to my experience in learning the computer's operating system, is still easier to reset the password on the BIOS rather than on Windows. This time I will give tips on creating a password and how to reset the password if you forget. In the present this, our world is managed by the log-in.
You are logged-in to the bank, you have log-in to the website and you even have to log in to log onto the computer, and many other log-ins. For tips on how to create a secure password and easy to remember, be sure to follow our recommendations below. You can have a complex password and still easy to remember.

 How to reset the Windows 7 password is as follows:
  • You will need to access the user account area of ??the Control Panel to do this job.
  • Look for the [User Account and Family Safety] and then click the [User Account].
  • Make sure the removable media (eg flash drive) you have plugged into the computer.
  • Windows on the left column, click [Create a password reset disk], and select Next.
  • In the following window will appear on a USB flash disk drive list.
  • In the next step, enter your current user password, and click [Next]
  • On the next window the computer will create a password reset and you will be notified if the process of creating a password reset disk is completed. [Click Next]
  • Process is complete, you will see the file "userkey.psw" on your USB flash. Use the password to reset the password if one time you need.
How to Use Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

You can reset the password in Windows 7 with a password reset disk. A password reset disk is a utility that allows users with the Administrator account to make the reset option using removable media like flash disk drive. Anyone who has access to reset the disk will be able to reset the password, so be sure to store discs in a safe place. Apart from the disk again, there is no other way to restore Windows 7 passwords unless you reinstall the Operating System. Indeed, there are programs that claim to be able to solve lost passwords, but they are hard to find and difficult to use. Of course, the best way to recover the passwords of Windows 7 are proactive and create a reset disk. How to perform password resets;
  • Please boot your computer
  • When it would get to the desktop and you are prompted to type a password, type in any numbers or letters (already forgot the password anyway)
  • You will go into the options and click "Reset Password". Make sure the disk you created already you plug into the computer.
  • Follow the instructions to reset your password, then log-in with your new password.
I hope these useful for you

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