Hard Drive Repair

Hard drive is a hardware of a computer that has a function to store data or files. If we look at the inside of the disk, then the interior will consist of multiple magnetic hard discs and a head that works to read, save or delete data or files. Because it consists of hard disks is not very resistant to shocks and includes glassware. From the above description then we can know the importance of the functions so hard and we have to keep it from being damaged. Because the data or files will be lost if the disk is damaged.
To prevent loss of files or corrupt your data due to hard drive, you should not only save your files or data on a hard drive but also save on storage media or data files either in the form: disk, CD, DVD, Pen Drive etc

If the disk is damaged, then we fix it before we have to look at the level of damage. Because for each level of damage from the hard drive has a different way to fix it. In this case the general level of damage from the hard disk can be divided into 3 as follows: 

1. Hard drive spins and has been detected by computer but the partition is not readable. To repair the hard drive with this case, look here 

2. Hard drive spins but it's not detected by computer. To repair the hard drive with this case you can follow the following steps:
  •  detach the hard drive from computer, by opening the bolt first.
  •  see the PCB of the hard drive. pour a little kerosene or diesel fuel on the PCB of the hard drive up to all parts of PCB,
  • Clean the PCB of the hard drive by using a brush attached to the components on the PCB of the hard drive completely clean,
  •  preheat the PCB of the hard drive by using the stove to dry kerosene or diesel fuel. The distance between the stove and hard drive about 15 - 20 cm,
  • cool the hard drive by letting in the open air. After a hard drive to cool the disk ready to be tried.
By using this method, from about 6 hard drive repaired 2 of which can function normally again

3.  The third level of damage from the hard drive is hard disk is not spinning.  
For damage like this, then how can we do to be able to fix this is to swap the PCB from the hard disk with the type, brand and same size.
Thus tips to repair the hard drive. good luck, may be useful ......... 

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