How to Rip a DVD

Maybe you think that How to rip the DVD to the hard drive is very difficult, because the memory capacity of large data and file formats as well is different. However, if you have the necessary software, you can do this in a very fast time.

Reasons to Rip DVD to Hard Drive
There are several reasons why people want to rip the DVD to your hard drive. You might want to get rid of the hassle of handling the DVD every time you want to watch a movie.
You might want to keep the DVD and have access to them from one location to the hard disk on a desktop computer or laptop computer. You might think about ripping DVDs to your hard disk, just to play DVDs on Apple iPod or MP3 player with video capabilities.

Direct Copying The contents of DVD
If you're wondering about the best way to rip DVD to the hard drive only for see the file on your PC, you just have to copy-paste the file on your hard disk.However, in this case you need to remember this great memory file will consume. If you want to transfer data from the original copy of the DVD, You must remember that the data could even be more than 4.7 GB. If you copy-paste files directly from the DVD, the format will remain the same file, which will consume a lot hard drive memory.

To copy the contents of the DVD directly to your hard drive; enter disc in the DVD drive. After inserting the disk, the disk can play it automatic. To view the video file, you are required to open 'My Computer', Right-click on the disk drive, and click on 'Explore'. After do so, you will be confronted with the contents displayed in the window. Open video folder, copy the file, and paste it into your hard drive.

Using DVD Ripping Software
If you do not have sufficient memory capacity on your hard drive to copy the VOB files as they are, you have to use DVD ripping software that will convert VOB files into many more small file formats. There are some DVD ripping software that you will even find available at your nearest computer dealer to purchase. You can also download applications from the internet ripping this for free. However, if you use this free application, you may not get perfect results.

Here are the steps to perform RIP DVD into AVI format.

  • Download DVD Copy EM in and install.
  • Put movies from DVDs that we have.
  • Open E.M DVD Copy and click on the RIP.
  • In the display format option, click on the AVI.
  • Input Info On DVD display, select the audio channel and Subtitle, the subtitle leave blank if you wish.
  • Click on the RIP NOW to start the prosess Ripping.
  • Done.
Note, we can set the Advance Settings after we entered at step 5 above, if you like we can change the size of the video which we will use later on in the Settings> Video resizing.

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