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There are some easy ways that can be done to translate Microsoft Office documents or PDF files from one language to another.
If your document a file, you can upload them to Google site Translation, and select the language translation and press the Translate button. Then there's Translator Toolkit, made by Google, where you not only can translate the document, but also edit content translation. Microsoft also offers a free utility with the ability to quick translation into all Office programs, including Outlook email.

If you have a document file or an ebook in the form of office documents, pdf or anything else you might run into problems when the language used in the document using a language that is not understood. There are several ways translate documents with simple steps that can be done so that we can read the document in a language that we command that is with online translation services.

The first way that you probably already know completely ie use google translate directly. You can just visit the google translate page at http://google.com/translate.

 Google translate does not just translate the written text or URL, but we can optimize the function of google translate to translate the document. See the bottom of the visible text box "translate document", just click the text, you will be asked to upload documents from your pc drive, example pdf file. then click "Translate / Translate". Appears page translation of the documents that we uploaded earlier, so that the text can be stored blocks (ctrl + A) then copy and paste into Office programs such as Microsoft Word and then save.

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