Epson R230 Printer Blink Reset

This time I will explain step by step how to reset printer Epson R220 and R330 type. because both types above possessed the same software and how to reset the blinking on both printers.

The steps to reset printer Epson R220 and R230 follow below:

  • Download R220/R230 Adjustment reset tool here or with dropbox here.
  • After successfully downloaded "Extract" the downloaded file, it is suggested you disable the antivirus, because there are some anti-virus program that detects when the program is not dangerous.
  • Extract in a folder, first open the file "PC DATE SETTING" adjust the computer date as shown as "12/01/2006"
  • After the PC has a date be set in a state of the printer connected to pc and alive, run the program resetter "APSPR220230_Ver12" which is in the folder.
  • Click "accept", on the available options select the appropriate printer model of your printer type eg "R230". The second box select "Auto Selection". In the third box select "Asia" click "ok"

  • After the new window opens click on the tab "Maintenance" under it select the "Waste Ink Pad Counter" and on the right click button "Reset" notice to turn off the printer. turn off the printer and click OK.

  • Turn on the printer and press the "Check" when successfully blinking on the printer will die on the computer screen appears as shown below.

  • Once successful, return the setting your computer date to normal .... good luck and good luck
Epson R230 Printer Blink Reset

Hopefully this tutorial helpful and useful for you all. If you have any questions please leave a comment in the box.

Good luck

Epson R230 Printer Blink Reset

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