Epson R290 Printer Blink Reset

Did you know that Cartridge original R290 chips have a system that calculates the number of print-outs that we have done?, After reaching the maximum limit of the printer cartridge will require replacement.

It also happens in R290 infusion systems, infusion systems are implemented combine chips, which are equipped with switches / switch on top of the cartridge.
The function of this switch is to reset the print cartridges if volume requires replacement cartridges, meaning we deceive R290 printer as if we had to replace with a new cartridge.

Note: almost all Epson printers using the latest type of chip that was hardly to be modified, in contrast to previous types such as R230, R250, C67, etc., which reset it can be done autonomously, for the newest types reset is performed with the help of user / the user.

Maybe you've experienced while printing, it suddenly stopped and two printer indicator light blinks alternately lit (blinking).

Here's How to reset cartridge R290:
  1. Download Resetter Tool for Epson R290 here
  2. Open the Printer Cover
  3. Remove the power cable and USB printer cable
  4. Change the date of your PC into a dated April 1, 2008
  5. Run Resetter Tool for Epson R290
  6. Begin reset your printer with Resetter Tool for Epson R290
Good luck

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