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Windows Sidebar or Windows Desktop Gadgets "on Windows 7 is Widget Engine Microsoft Gadgets are placed at the edge of your Windows desktop screen. This feature was first introduced in Windows Vista and can perform various types of operations, such as featuring time, date, CPU utilization, etc. other. Several types of tools have been provided with the distribution of Windows, but anyone can create and add other tools.

Windows Sidebar consists of a number of mini-applications called gadgets-based or a combination of script and HTML. The combination is used to display information such as system time, and other features that take advantage of the existence of the internet as featuring downloads RSS files, and control external applications such as Windows Media Player. Gadgets can be anchored on the Windows Sidebar, or can be displayed in a floating position on the screen. In addition also some similar gadget can run simultaneously.

Windows 7 brings with eight kinds of ready-made gadgets. Gadgets are: Calendar, Clock, Contact, CPU Meter, Currency conversion, RSS Feed Headlines, Notes, Picture Puzzle, Slide Show, Stocks, and Weather. Of these gadgets, Clock, Slide Show, and Feed Headlines gadget is a standard that is displayed on every new installation of Windows Vista. Microsoft is providing links to websites that are referred to as the Windows Live Gallery as a place to download other gadgets that have been made by third parties.

Here is the simple steps how to show the gadgets on windows 7:

1. Right click on the desktop and click gadgets and you will see like below:

2. Choose the gadgets that you want to use on your desktop by drag and drop the gadgets on your desktop.

It's easy, is'nt it?...

good luck ^___^ 

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