Prevent Facebook Make Email Full

By default, facebook will always make a notification via eMail if any recent changes that we have a facebook account. EMail contains the contents of the notification that commented on the status that we created, click the "Like", there is a send message, post comments, write on the walls of the accounts and all matters relating to the activities that we have a facebook account.

If this happens it continues, maybe we'll get upset because the number of incoming eMail to the eMail Inbox Mail when in fact it is not so important and will certainly make a full-Mail Inbox. To fix this, follow these instructions:

Log into facebook account that we have.
Click the Account menu at the top right and proceed to click Account Settings.

Click Notifications.

Click email notification

Uncheck "check box" on the "All Notification" one by one on the part that you think are not important. You can remove all signs that facebook is no longer send notification to your eMail.

In addition to eMail, you can also remove the notifications via SMS if the facility is "facebook mobile for your" active.
Finally, click the Save Changes button.

It's finished, there will be no notification via eMail that makes the contents of the Inbox Mail becomes too much. Good luck and good luck.

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