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Have you heard of a file with format / form of ISO? Yes, ISO format file (. iso) is an archive file or image file commonly found on the CD / DVD. File with this format has been used as a standard format on each disc, CD track or the original film. ISO file format is useful for making backups and large file sharing with others.

To use an ISO file types there are two ways. First, the ISO file must be burned disc (CD / DVD). Furthermore, the disc containing the iso file is inserted CD / DVD room for next read by the PC. The second way to use the application "stupid" on the PC so that he believes that as though you've put the ISO format file into CD / DVD virtual room which will then be read by the PC serve targeted. This method is often called a 'mount image'.

Some application there who can make a file with the ISO format. One well-known is Nero. Nero is a useful application to burn (burn) files in various formats to disc (CD / DVD). In addition, Nero applications are able to make an ISO format file which can later be burned onto a CD / DVD. To find out more about Nero applications, please go to the official website At the time this article was created, there are 2 types of Nero, the free alias and other freeware that is paid.

Nero freeware application types now known as Nero Kwik Media. Formerly, Nero called Nero Lite Kwik Media. As for the type of Nero paid, there are all kinds. For example, Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD, Nero Multimedia Suite 10, Nero Video Premium HD, etc.. Of course, Nero is paid to have quality and better features than the free ones.

Okay, back to the main theme of the ISO file extension. How Nero applications can create an ISO file format? These are presented to the ISO format file using Nero Multimedia Suite 10. ISO files to be created is Windows, can Windows XP / Vista or 7. Previously, insert the first CD / DVD of Windows that you have into the CD / DVD Room. Already? Well, following his step by step:

1) Open Nero application on your computer.
2) Click New or File> New on the toolbar above to begin the process of making an ISO format file as shown in Figure 2.
3) After that, a pop up window will appear as in Figure 3. In the window there are various options to adjust how the ISO format file creation Then, click New.

4) Next, select the image recorder to record the files you want to be iso extension file. Then, drag the contents of CD / DVD Windows that will be made into ISO format file area as in Figure 4.

5) Then click the Burn Now to begin the process of making an ISO format file. Shortly before the burn process, you are asked to give a name for the file to burn. In addition, the storage location will also be asked. Next, select the type of storage with the ISO format.

6) Burn The file is in progress.

7) When finished, a pop up window appears stating that the burn be iso extension file has been successfully performed. Click Ok.

8) Check the file format burn the Windows 7 ISO file on a storage address which had been determined earlier.

Similarly, articles about the step by step create the ISO file using Nero. May be useful and good luck Creating File Format ISO Image Using Nero Applications

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