Solve "Consider Replacing Your Battery" Notification

Your laptop users with operating system Windows 7?, You may never get the notification "Consider Replacing your battery" accompanied by the emergence of the red cross mark on the battery icon in system tray. Notification that appears when Windows 7 "assume" it's time to replace your laptop battery.
Please note that this notification appears when Windows 7 detects that the capacity of your laptop battery is less than 40% capacity should be, and therefore it is proper to be replaced. However, many reports from users of Windows 7 in various parts of the world that states that Windows 7 is sometimes wrong in detecting capacity laptop battery. There had even a user who had already replaced the battery with a new laptop but still get this notification.

Regardless of whether or not accurate in detecting Windows 7 laptop battery capacity, I think we agree that the laptop battery is an expensive item. So long as it can be used as well (despite being less than 40% of ideal capacity), it does not need to be replaced. I personally think that as long as the laptop battery still can last over 30 minutes is not the time to be replaced.

If you experience problems "Consider Replacing your battery" as above, you should not panic or rush to spend deep to buy a new laptop battery. There is a simple way to eliminate these annoying notifications. Here are the steps:

  • Charge your battery up to full (99% - 100%), then turn off your laptop. Until this stage do not always unplug the charger it. 
  • Turn on your laptop and press F8 repeatedly until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears. Choose Safe Mode.
  • Having already entered into the Windows Safe Mode, then unplug your laptop battery charger.
  •  Leave it until the laptop turns itself off because the battery is completely discharged. It is advisable not to operate your laptop during this process. Leave it until the laptop turns itself off. 
  • Once off, replace your laptop charger, and your laptop back to normal. The result ... all back to normal! Notification "Consider Replacing your battery" and red cross signs on the battery icon does not appear anymore. 
 The above technique is basically a way to calibrate your laptop battery capacity. By running the laptop from the initial conditions of a full battery (capacity 100%) until it is completely empty (0% capacity), then Windows 7 so it "knows" the true capacity (real capacity) of laptop batteries, and automatically reset parameter settings to -parameters related to the laptop battery.

This method has been tested to 2 different laptops, the HP and Acer, both successful and proven successful. So, you now do not need to wonder anymore if notified "Consider Replacing your battery" on your laptop.


On the basis of engineer in one of the Windows 7 official release on Microsoft's website, explained that the notification was actually originally intended to be one of the security features in Windows 7 (it does not exist in Windows XP or Windows Vista), whose purpose is to inform users that the laptop battery is worn out and therefore it was time to be replaced.

But in fact, many users of Windows 7 that was disturbed by the appearance of this notification. Some have argued that the limit (threshold) 40% is considered too large considering the capacity of the 30%-an ideal capacity was generally still capable laptop battery last about 1 hour, and it still felt quite adequate for laptop users. In addition, price is pretty expensive laptop batteries make many users are reluctant to replace the laptop battery unless it is completely broken.

But not a few who think this "feature" of this as a bug, considering the number of cases in which Windows 7 is proven wrong in detecting the actual capacity of the laptop battery. I personally consider including this as a bug! Why? Because when my HP laptop I got this notification with the testing charge the battery fully and then go into Windows normal (not Safe Mode) and then select the Power Saver option and silence.

The result, in just 48 minutes my laptop is dead (battery discharged). As I have already lost calibration and notification, I do the same. My charge to the brim and then enter Windows normally and then select the Power Saver and silence. The results are quite different! It took 1 hour 24 minutes before my laptop died because of power in the battery runs out. So there is a difference of about 40 minutes here, and I think this 40-minute difference was highly significant.

In conclusion: Microsoft seems indeed still have a lot of hard work to improve the condition with the warning "Consider Replacing your battery"

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