LED and LCD Monitor Difference

Did you know the LED monitor and LCD monitor difference?
The difference, LED MONITOR uses LED lamp  as its light back.
"Thus, differences in
MONITOR technology LCD MONITOR with LED backlight system is only in use,"  "LCD MONITOR use the backlight CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps), while the MONITOR LED lamp uses LED backlight.

In terms of image quality, LED MONITOR much different from CRT, because CRT MONITOR still use the gas tube technology, while still using the MONITOR LCD CCFL backlight. "What causes the image quality is much better MONITOR LED backlight is the ability to raise the capacity of the resolution on the LCD screen more than doubled,". "Monitor LED technology also has a dynamic contrast ratio that reached millions to one." On the electric power consumption, LED lights are used as a backlight proved more efficient than CCFL lamps or tubes in CRT MONITOR. "In addition, LED lamp life is also longer,".
The producer illustrates, electricity consumption LED MONITOR 32 inches about 70 watts, while the LCD MONITOR with the same size power consuming about 100 watts. But, of course, no price, no way. Because the LED MONITOR prices are relatively more expensive than LCD MONITOR. "MONITOR LED is more expensive, because it's newer technology,". "Compared to LCD MONITOR, MONITOR LED higher prices about 5%. But it is comparable to the quality obtained."

Choosing and Caring LED
LED MONITOR choose the good, of course, be seen from the resulting image quality. In addition, because the price is quite expensive, so consumers should consider the warranty period provided by the manufacturer. "The important thing to look at is the warranty its LED panel, because the value of the LED panel is 75% of the overall value of the unit,". The producer explains, LED MONITOR treatments generally did not differ with treatment MONITOR CRT or LCD MONITOR. "Do not get placed outside the room, so that direct sunlight or exposed to the crunch,". 
Here are some care tips MONITOR LED / LCD:
  • Do not put in a dusty place. Dust can close ventilation holes MONITOR, making the temperature of the heat faster.
  • Leave a gap of about 10 cm between the wall behind MONITOR. This will provide more air space, so it does not heat quickly MONITOR.
  • Clean the screen as often as possible, especially when it has been seen dirty. Do not clean the screen with a liquid containing alcohol. Clean with a special LCD cleaning kit. It could also spectacles cleaning fluid and wipe with a flannel cloth.

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  1. We are using LED monitor in our house because it looks good and low in electricity bill.


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