Transfer Windows Installer to flashdisk

Maybe, one day you find a problem, can not install Windows via CD / DVD Rom. If that happens, you can transfer files to a flash disk that Windows can be used as the install media. This trick can also be used to install the notebook is usually not equipped with an internal DVD Rom.
If you want to transfer CD / DVD installer Windows into a Flash Disk, you can use WinToFlash applications that can be obtained for free. This application will copy all the contents of the CD / DVD includes boot file format so that Flash Disk can be used to boot on a computer or notebook.
There are several options that can be gained in applications such as transferring files WinToFlash

Here are steb by step how to transfer the Windows Installer CD into the Flash Disk (In this article we will assume to use Windows 7):
  • Insert the CD / DVD into the Windows 7 installer CD / DVD Rom.
  • Select the transfer of Windows 7 to USB Drive.
Select the location where you put the source DVD installer (from DVD Drive) and also select where the location is flash disk (Drive from flash disk).
  • Follow the next process (including approval of the use of the Windows license). Follow and wait until all the process is complete.
After all process is finished, you can use a flash disk for the reinstall without having to use CD or DVD Installer. In addition to Windows 7 (as in this example), you can also use it for purposes other Windows versions contained in the software.

In addition to install, this application can also be used to create a bootable flash disk. Necessary only to choose which one to use.

Good luck!

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