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Computer user've heard of Microsoft's latest operating system is still in early stages of development. And demonstration of circulating rumors on the internet, I managed to collect a variety of information and conjecture about what Windows 8 will be like. My conclusion from these rumors are:
Metro will be based UI style.
Recommended specs are proved to be lower than Windows 7.
Desktop to be "just" an application where Windows 8 running desktop-based applications.

With that conclusion I began to wonder what about the evolution of Windows. After reading the status of a college friend on Facebook, I am looking for fun if Windows 8 is already starting to circulate. I also finally found one iso file for the x86, although still called Windows Developer Preview, aka Windows 8 pre-Alpha build a new alias early stage (I estimate probably still going to release a new 2012 or 2013). Well, curious as to what would be the Windows 8? Here's my review of Windows 8.

Metro Style UI

Windows 8 will be based Metro UI style that has been carried by the Windows Phone 7. This makes Windows 8 is more optimized for touch-based interactions. Homescreen will be met by the tile-tile applications. Homescreen is also at the same time will take over the start menu. Start menu itself actually exist. But it will only contain the Start, Search, Share, Device, Settings. The way led to the start menu also no longer click the Start icon on the taskbar, but by bringing the mouse pointer (or mentapping when using the touch screen) bottom left corner of the screen. In addition to the start menu, it also displays the network indicator, battery, and when (date and time). On the homescreen, tile-tile is not just a shortcut to launch applications such as the usual icon on the desktop / startmenu on the previous windows, but can also be a widget to display certain information depending on the application. 

Windows 8 Recommended specifications

It was the custom Windows development, the new level, the more severe the required hardware specifications (such as from Windows XP to Windows 7 where XP is capable of operating at 512MB RAM and the new 7 is capable of operating in the range of 1GB + +). But for Windows 8, proved to be the required specifications will be reduced because other than designed for PCs, according to Microsoft, Windows 8 is also well designed for the tablet and the rumors of Windows 8 will also be designed to operate on the ARM architecture (x86/x64 architecture not only made by Intel and AMD), although certainly not all applications can run on ARM unless the developer is concerned memporting application for Windows 8 version of the ARM.

Did you want to download windows 8 free? Do not worry about its authenticity and guaranteed authentic original from Microsoft. It is rather strange because if you think about Windows 8 is not official release. But this time my friend was able to taste the original windows 8 preview of Microsoft's consumer version.

This means that it is still not final release, the consumer version of the preview is intended to provide feedback to the consumer feedback alias. Learning from the past and then, usually windows will give a free license for cutomer who managed to find a bug or lack slit windows 8.Ok, my friend can also enjoy the free download version of Consumer Windows 8 Preview was counted quite pretty, free of charge.

Ok Please Download Windows 8 Free here:
64-bit (x64)                    Download (3.3 GB)             
Sha 1 hash — 1288519C5035BCAC83CBFA23A33038CCF5522749

32-bit (x86)                    Download (2.5 GB)             
Sha 1 hash — E91ED665B01A46F4344C36D9D88C8BF78E9A1B39

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