Backup and Restore Windows Drivers with Semper

The Driver is one of the most important aspects of the Windows as your hardware is running on it. But sometimes you mess up the drivers and it generates problems with Windows. Semper Backup Driver tool is freeware for Windows that allows you to take backup of all your drivers on Windows and at one point there is a problem you can easily restore back using backup that you saved. This application contains a list of all the drivers that are installed under Windows.

Semper Software is driving a transformation in the way organizations reduce the cost of managing and deploying their Windows and Linux PC and server populations. Our cutting edge technology empowers organizations from SMBs to global enterprises to meet all the requirements that are essential to software continuity, providing availability in excess of 99.9% and playing a crucial part in an overall business continuity strategy.

Semper Backup drivers provide backup and recover files Windows drivers, which is great for reinstalling Windows or build on some systems. This tool allows to backup the drivers and of the local system.

Click on the button to backup the drivers and all the drivers will be backed up to the folder specified in configuration.

Semper Backup drivers support on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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