Checking the Genuine of Photo File

At this time there are circulating many spurious photos in internet. How to be easiest detect that photos are genuine or have been edited or possible the picture counterfeit. Before continuing this post required to be made by agreement with visitor friends about photo term is I to use in this post. There is 3 photo categories to be used in supporting this discussion:

  • Original photo is really photo result of direct shot of camera of pocket / digital camera or camera of mobilephone. This photo can detect direct use file system of properties Windows XP / Windows 7
  • Original photo but have been edited ( photo of Edited), object exist in genuine still picture but possible have [in] crop / crosscut [by] [of] some part so that its size measure differ from [his/its] original photo
  • Spurious photo represent result of modification / manipulation of original photo use graphical processor software like adobe photoshop, or paintshop,corel of software processor of other images.
In common with use file system of properties Windows 7 / Windows XP only can differentiate two category that is original photo ( because its data meta still is complete), and photo of edited ( because its data meta have incomplete again). Photograph the edited can become our reference to determine what is genuine photo or counterfeit. To determine the photo is original photo which have been edited or 100% spurious photo still require to be conducted by some visual analysis and digital analysis of continuation use software processor of images.

In just to this post only elaborated it how tracing / checked photo which possible circulate in the internet is purification 100% genuine, or photo of possibility of genuine / spurious possibility please see picture following.

  • If you are presented with sexy photos, my friends used to check the validity of the image is not immediately believe Windows XP users
  • Open windows explorer, locate the image file to be in check authenticity
  • In the Properties dialog box select the tabulation Summary, Click the Advanced button

  • Because the image is genuine it will be listed attributes: Width, Height, Equipment Make, Camera Model, complete with color representation, Shutter Speed, Aperture Lens, Flash Mode, image capture date and various other attribute data.

Properties images that have been edited / modified the data only Width, Height, Horizontal Resolution, Vertical Resolution, Frame count. Images with such properties on the original suspect 50% or 50% false. To test the 100% false to do a visual analysis or advanced digital analysis.

By using the windows file system properties 7/XP least we can know in the beginning of an outstanding photo is 100% authentic or has edited, without the need to bother using the authenticity of the image detection software.

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