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Deep Freeze is a popular security software to protect your computer. Many people have downloaded this app to make their computers safe from virus intrusion or wrong settings. Usually if the deep freeze in most country is often used in the Internet cafe so that users could not damage the contents of the PC.

The work procedure of the deep freeze is to return all the contents of the computer before it is modified.
So even though you delete a single file from a windows computer, or even download a virus that makes computer badly damaged. With this software, after the computer restarts, then the whole of our actual computers and the file we add or remove will be returned as such an everlasting. So you can't save a file on a computer that is in the deep freeze, if in the Internet cafe usually was out manoeuvered by saving it in other computers over the network.
Now you already know the workings of deep freeze how to protect your computer. If you are interested and would you like to download this software, can help you don't want damaged computers and various other technical problems. Can you use to protect your Office or Internet cafe.
Just by restarting your computer will return just as they are. That's offered deep freeze for you, they help PC users not to place unwanted problems in a way that could arguably dangerous. Why could arguably dangerous, because if you want to replace or add something on your computer but up forgotten password deep freeze, the only thing left to do is re-install your operating system. Although it could be was out manoeuvered with anti deep freeze.
I've notice usefulness of deep freeze, but alas this is not free software, you have to pay to use it. But quiet there is a trial version of her if you want to try. To try download link below .
If the link above doesn't work, please visit the author's website at
*) For the trial version of deep freeze likely you should fill the form

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