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IBM has recently introduced their new line of products, the fastest processor in the world made ​​their latest z196. The chip is designed for the fastest supercomputer and has a clock speed of 5.2GHz. Unfortunately it we would not be able to buy this product, because it's not just hundreds of dollars, but millions of dollars to get this processor.

IBM z196 uses CISC technology in architecture in which there are 1.4 billion transistors on a chip the size of 512 mm square. Has more than 69 Core with the ability to process 50 million instructions in 1 second. Supports up to 3TB of memory using Memory raim technology. The chip is fabricated by using technology 45-nm PD SOI. The chip also delivers super fast 64KB L1 instruction cache, 128KB of L1 data cache, as well as private 1.5MB L2 cache for each core.

In addition, features co-processors can be used to perform cryptographic operations. In addition, a 4-node system that will use this chip also comes with 19.5MB of SRAM for private L1 cache, 144 MB for private L2 cache, 576MB eDRAM for L3 cache, and the latter 768MB eDRAM cache for level-4.
These chips use at least 1079 instructions are slightly different, in which 75 instructions can be used to millicode, 219 used for the execution of millicode, and an additional 24 as a function of conditional execution on millicode.

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