How to Download Youtube Video Using the Firefox addon

How to download youtube video to flv format-mp3-mp4-3gp using the add on Firefox.

Download video from youtube-flv 3gp format - mp3 - mp4 can be done by using an add-on Firefox Easy YouTube Downloader. Firefox add on can be used free of charge, simply by opening the page add on Easy YouTube Downloader and then install the firefox browser, firefox browser restart later,
then when you open the youtube video automatically in the lower right part youtube video appeared on the "Download FLV-As 3GP-MP4-MP3 "

One advantage of utilizing the add-on firefox to download youtube video is an add-on file sizes are small so to download and install onto your computer does not take long, and not too much of a computer memory. And how to download youtube video very easy, because the download button to appear automatically in the top right of the bottom of each open youtube video.

To more easily perform the following procedure:

Note: If the computer does not have greasemonkey addon installed, it must first enable greasemonkey, we can see a guide here to install greasemonkey in firefox

How to download youtube videos can be viewed on the following steps:

1. Open the firefox addon pages, to click here Easy YouTube Downloader after open Easy YouTube Downloader page like this, Click the "Add to Firefox"

Wait until the install is complete.
Restart firefox browser

2. Open a video on youtube that you want to download
At the bottom right of the video will appear on the "Download As-3GP-MP4 FLV, MP3"

Click one of the formatting options available, it is automatically downloaded youtube video.

Please try the above way can hopefully help to download youtube video easily.

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