How to Fix Bad Sector

Do you want to repair Bad Sector on your Hardisk? is true still can repair? Yes depended damage of it. Can we really is repairing of Bad Sector? Before searching this question answer, You have to find some information whereof that disk hard, how to disk hard and what that sector bad. Afterwards You have to identify this sector bad because You will need correct location of sector affect.
Bad Sector or of bad block is technical term which used depict a area at damage disk hard. Sector Bad physically happened caused by damage part of hardisk plate hardware which can happened because hardisk hit by dirty, hardisk fallen down, hit by hard collision etcetera.
While sector bad by software can happened when hardisk busy suddenly dead computer, for example because electrics death. If this damage because of hardware for example friction that happened [at] saucer of hard disk hence is irreparable. If damage of  it because of installed software is damage it still can to be repair.

1. Way to Repairing Bad Sector at Hardisk with Program of Windows 

Internally in fact windows have simple tools which [is] include in operating system of windows. Its way is
  • Double-Click at My Computer to open new window.
  • Select disk that  you want to diagnosed and repair.
  • Right click [at] disk / the drive and select Properties.
  • Choose Tools tab.
  • Click at Check Now button below/under Error Checking Status.
  • Depend on version of Windows Your, select one of the Thorough or For Attempt Recovery Bad Sectors of and Scan
  • Click Start and await till process to finish.
  • After finishing, you better restart computer.

2. How to Fix Bad Sectors In Hardisk with some tools
There are several tools that applications can use to fix the bad sectors of damaged hard drive software. In this article I was just introduced tools and please learn how to use it. Dimaksuda tool that is:
HDD LLF Low Level Format Tool
Before using the tool HDD LLF Low Level Format Tool is make sure the necessary data in a backup first. This is because the tool in question will clean up the data that is private or confidential permanently. Low level format program is a tool that works well to remove all partition information, data and information in the hard drive bad sectors on the damaged section. After running this tool is the condition of the hard drive will be completely clean as the condition was first used.
Here are the steps to use the HDD Low Level Format Tool:
  • Download HDD Low Level Format program in
  • Install and run the program HDD Low Level Format tools so that the display appears as below:
  • Select the hard drive will be formatted, then click [Continue].
  • Click the [LOW-LEVEL FORMAT] then click [FORMAT THIS DEVICE]
  • Wait until the process is complete, the process will usually take a while so please mats and drinking his coffee. HDD Low Level Format Tool in addition to the hard drive (SATA, IDE or SCSI), it could be to format the flash, Flash Card at all.

Bad Block Recovery Softwares from Vendor Notebook

Some software vendors issue a hard drive / diagnostic tool for hard disk analysis and maintenance, such as:
  • Fujitsu IDE Low level Format Utility. Software to fix bad sector hard drive from Fujitsu, can be downloaded at:
  • Seagate's Seatools for Windows and Seagate's Seatools for DOS. Diagnostic Tools from Seagate that can be used to brand the hard drive Seagate, Maxtor hard drive or from another vendor, can be downloaded at:
  • Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics. Are tools for maintenance and repair hard drive, specifically for the hard disk from Western Digital you can download at:

So How to Fix Bad Sectors In Hardisk, hopefully can help and hopefully you've never experienced this.

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