Windows 7 Care

Make your windows 7 users may feel why the longer windows 7 look slow, even when we start the start the computer only boot time are sometimes long. In fact what the heck makes windows 7 is sometimes very slow. In fact logically simple, because each item be it hardware or software, requiring treatment, no goods that could last a long time if we do not care it, well this time I share how to windows 7 you always stable and not slow or more.

1. Remove Programs/applications that were never used.

Why this increasingly important recommended? yup you are right, since this an awful lot since it's now a free software2 it makes you be tempted to dabble and install it on your computer, but I recommend do not install too often that is not necessarily a free software2 it you wear, especially if you only want coba2, trying to avoid the first scan with antivirus, because it is not a bit of free software also contains a virus. If you are already a lot of applications on your computer, from now on choose the right programs you frequently use and completely uninstall the program is not useful or not you will ever wear, and see the difference.

2. Limit the programs that run on Start Up.

It is also related to my hobbies you who like to install free program, because an awful lot of program that features a start-up program or programs that automatically run when your computer is turned on, this is what makes windows 7 you when booting or when you turn on your computer takes a long time because at the same time your computer must be running some programs start up does this program running in background meaning that this program runs without an interface. Then for that inactive some start up program, choose the correct start up properly you'll need.

3. Defragment your hard disk.
Fragmentation in hard disks make data transfer on your computer become long, always check your hard disk periodically and make sure there is no fragmentation, and if there is a correct it with the Disk Defragmenter tool is already provided by your windows.

4. Clean the hard disk.
Clear the hard disk in question here does not mean you are clean with a rag or something, which is referred to here is cleaning up your hard disk by deleting unnecessary files, temporary files, temporary or permanently deleting the recycle bin, use the Disk Clean Up.

5. Restart your computer periodically.
Restarting your computer is periodically at least 1 time a week, let alone your computer within 1 week you are indeed working hard commuter. Restarting computer is very useful because with automatically restarts, memory will be clean from any program, in addition to restart the start up program will be automatically closed.

6. Check for the presence of viruses.
The most important thing is to make sure if your computer is not infected by viruses, or spyware. Because if your computer has been infected by viruses automatically your computer's performance will be reduced, install an antivirus application that is either free or paid.

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