Windows 7 Timer with TimePad

Timer TimePad – Shutdown/Restart/Log Off Timer for Windows 7 is The most fluent Windows timer for automated functions.
Puts you in charge of your system schedule, you may leave your system running with no worries
and now added with new features for monitoring network activity and computer idle time.

TimePad is a simple freeware application with a minimalist UI and some useful features. This is the shutdown/restart/log off/hibernate applications for Windows 7 that allows you to set the timer and the timer when you set has been reached the app will do the command set. You can set the timer to shutdown or restart or other action is specified, then start the timer.

The Timer can be set to hours, minutes and seconds. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to manage app. in addition, the app also available feature shortcut to open task manager. You can even put the screen off using this tool, it can save power when using the battery.

This portable applications using them pretty easy you just run and jump you next set the time you click on the Shutdown icon to select whether your PC is Shutdown, restart etc. Then you click Start.

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