10 ways to Optimize the use of Galaxy Tab

Now you have a Galaxy Tab without limit, check out 10 ways to optimize the use of Your tab. Starting from the configure email and enjoy the e-Book to change the input method, you will get a lot of ideas to find out the power of the Android-powered tablet.
1.) Customize Galaxy Tab
Is there any better than having the whole world within your grasp? Available all the necessary information at the right time and according to your wishes. Starting from the wallpaper to the widget, there are various ways to make Your Tab as part of Your.

Here's How
You can Customize Galaxy Tab by touching an arbitrary location on the screen continues to be Home to bring up the Add to Home screen menu. From this menu, you can add widgets, Shortcuts, folders or Wallpaper to display front. You can choose wallpaper from wallpaper available or from the Gallery wallpapers.
2. Configure Email Accounts)
You have several email accounts? Track all your email when you are traveling. Automatic configuration makes it easy to synchronize Your email inbox with tabs and stay connected to all your accounts.

Here's How
The Tab has two email programs — Gmail ™ account to Google ™ and Email for all kinds of other email accounts including company. To configure the account through the program, open the Applications > Applications > Email or Gmail. Enter your email address and password for the account. Tap Next. Name the account and enter the screen name that will be displayed in outgoing messages. Touch Done.

Note: the automatic configuration Available to the following e-mail address types: google.com @, @ hotmail.com, @ mac.com @ me.com,, @ live.com, @ yahoo.com, @ yahoo.co.uk, @ aol.com, aim.com, @ @, @ android.com, aol.co.uk @ btinternet.com, @ gmail.com, @ googlemail.com.
3.) Reading e-Book
The Tab You are equipped with e-Reader application that provides thousands of titles, including books, magazines, and newspapers, all on a device that is super lightweight and portable this. *

Here's How
Discover e-Reader applications specific to your carrier. The Kindle from Amazon is one example of an application that provides access to the book to be opened on the Galaxy Tab.
4.) to access the Android Market
Android-powered device is equipped with access to more than 150,000 applications. You can find and download everything from Foursquare and Facebook to AccuWeather. In addition, Your application Tab is equipped with Samsung Media Hub, which lets you choose from thousands of movies and TV shows instantly and watch it in the Tab.

Here's How
Open Applications > Market. Upon opening the Market for the first time, please read the terms of service and touch Accept to continue. Sign in to your Google account or create a new account. Navigate to the desired application. You can open the Application Details screen to find out more information. After finding the application you want to download, tap Install. After the download is complete, the application icon will be displayed on the screen in the Applications menu. Touch an icon to open and use the application.
5. lock the Orientation)
Use the Orientation Lock to keep the screen in portrait or landscape mode regardless of the angle while holding it. You are free to sit anywhere while you read your e-Book, because after the lock screen orientation, you don't have to worry about the screen will change as you move.

Here's How
To enable Orientation Lock, open the Panel Quickly by touching the bar at the top of the screen and sliding the fingers toward the bottom. Hold Tab on any chosen orientation. Tap the Orientation Lock icon, and then the icon will turn green indicating that locked orientation.
6. Digital Frames Feature) uses
Digital frame Picture Frame serves as a dynamic photo slideshow can display or clock, and can be used in portrait or landscape mode. In fact, you can play music if you use a Digital Display Frame.
Here's How
To activate it: Tap Applications > Digital Frame. Tap in the blank field on the screen to access them pop-up menu. Select Clock, Slideshow, or Music. You can set the time-out option start 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or never. To access this option from the application, touch the Menu button > a Timeout. Press the Menu button in the application to access the Music menu if you want to listen to songs with Digital Display Frame.
7. Protect your investment with) the accessories Tab
Samsung has a wide selection of accessories to protect the exterior beautiful Tab.

Here's How
Browse online at http://www.samsung.com/id and are looking for a wide range of accessories to protect and beautify Your Tab.
8. change the Keyboard Input Method)
Did you know that you can choose how to type on the Tab? You can use the traditional way with two thumbs or Swype, to enter the word by sliding a finger from letter to letter give

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