Improve MP3 Quality

MP3 Quality Modifier is a simple program that can easily change the quality of your Mp3s to save disk space and or to fit more music on your MP3 Player while maintaining the desired level of quality audio and keep all the tags ID3 tags intact!
The Program is very easy to use: the first step is to drag and drop MP3 files in the file list, and also supports MP1 and MP2. A variety of information such as name, interpret, size and bitrate will be shown automatically.

The next step is to choose a preset that range from Best quality, High quality, portable and Compromise to low quality. at the bottom of the users can choose various configurations such as bitrate mode and Sample rate, stereo modes and frequencies.

The process itself takes only a few seconds of each track and able to adapt to the folder structure (example: "Artist X" folder with "Album 1 ° and 2 ° as the Album" sub folder). Unlike other tools all tags ID3 tags like title, artist, etc. is automatically saved as well.

Once you have done the process will then result window appears that allows to comparing the results with the original music files that you edit by listing the differences over the size of them.

You are interested to try, you can use the links below to download, program files for 689Kb and portable which allows you can be used on USB.

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