Optimize Firefox Memory Usage

Firemin can reduce consumption of RAM Firefox and control so that your PC's speed not decrease because of Firefox. The Firefox Browser is famous for consuming a large amount of RAM on your computer and if you leave your computer running with Firefox, then computer RAM performance declined.
Firemin is a small app that eliminates all memory leaks in Firefox and keeps memory consumption at bay. The program runs in the system tray and constantly optimizes Firefox's memory by forcing it to release some of the memory it so greedily hangs on to.
Firemin uses a save Microsoft API (EmptyWorkingSet) to force Firefox to release some of the reserved memory without causing stability problems.

There are similar “Firefox memory boosters” available; however, most of them are frauds (work mostly contain spyware and malware) or work using the Placebo function (if you think it will work, it will). Firemin does not contain any malware and actually do decrease Firefox memory usage, up to 95% (under 1MB in some cases). Even though Mozilla keeps claiming that they fixed their memory-leaking issues, it seems like this is not completely true. Maybe one day, but until then, Firemin will lend a friendly hand.

Although Firefox claimed that he had the memory usage improved, but Firefox still uses more RAM consumption for web browsers. Firemin is an addon for Firefox that aims to eliminate memory leaks in Firefox.

All you need to do is, just unzip and double click on the zip Firemin firemin. exe and let the addon runs.

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