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Maybe you've experienced, your important data is missing from your computer. It is because you accidentally delete it, deliberately removed by irresponsible people or maybe because your data on the hard drive formatted accidentally.

To restore the data, you can ask for help to people who are experts in the field of computer to restore deleted files.
Or, if you want to do it yourself, you can use recovery software available on the internet and install it on your desktop PC or notebook.

Some free software that can recover deleted files and data are:

• Recuva – Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery
Recuva is free software developed by PiriForm, the famous software developers with freeware application for cleaning junk files on your computer. A few things you can do with this software that is, restore data lost due to deleted or formatted. And like CCleaner, this software can be downloaded for free.

• Pandora Recovery
Pandora recovery is a software that is rich in features and is one of popular free applications. You can restore the files based on the search results, and of course it can be adjusted based on search file name, file size, creation date, date last accessed, and there are still many options anymore.

• PCInspector File Recovery
This Software is aimed at users who are accustomed to and understand technical returns file is missing from your computer. A technician IT will be more than happy to use these because they can find as much detail as possible the files are missing on a particular cluster. Very useful if you want to restore the data on a hard disk boot sector and file allocation table-its been erased.

• Disk Digger
Disk Digger is a new player in the field of return data from a hard disk. However, it is a matter of performance, this software has the same good quality with other software. More than that, this application can be used to restore deleted data on portable drives such as flash disk, Micro SD card, MMC card and much more. The way the application works is also different from the others because it takes the data directly on the hardware (disk hard disk) without much interference from the system itself.

• TestDisk Open Source
TestDisk is a free Software is open source and you can take part in expanding it. Due to its multi platform, you can use it on an operating system other than windows as in linux and its variants. Furthermore, this small application can be used to restore the data on the formatted hardsik has several times though.

If at any time (although it is never desirable) your data on the computer is missing, you can use the software above to return it. If necessary, use all the software one by one sequentially if such data is really important.
It is true, some files may not be able to return as before because the file structure is broken down by other files. But (the result of our experience), some files are still intact as the files are not deleted.

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