Microsoft OneNote for iPad

Microsoft has released one note taking popular, OneNote for iPad. This app was previously available for the iPhone and now it has been released for the iPad. The best features of OneNote application is that you can make a search entry with text, images, and bullets. You can create and manage to-do lists with checkboxes.
Then save your notes in sync using Microsoft SkyDrive online storage for free to access, edit and manage them from anywhere, from your PC or almost all web browsers.

You can access, create and edit up to 500 notes. After you reach this limit you can still see, delete and synchronize your notes. To add another entry, you need to upgrade your account.

You can upgrade your account by using the application in the purchase are available in the settings. You can create notes and lists, share via email, attach a photo to a note, and harmonize all with Skydrive account.

OneNote for iPad is one form of note which of course good to take the tools and features of sync with your online account and make it very useful to edit notes even from the desktop or the browser.

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