Motherboard Reset

If we have a personal computer at home and at the Office sometimes we often have conditions where the computer does not work properly, for example that I often encounter that is not the appearance of the display on the screen of a computer monitor. Maybe if we find such cases the first step we do is check the CPU to the monitor cable connection, but if your problem cannot be resolved there are some tips that we can do based on the experience I encountered, some of those ways are:

Do some checking on computer memory is already installed in the slot properly or not and make sure memory is read at the time of loading the BIOS memory in accordance with the attached
If the first step have not managed to do some checking on the VGA card to a VGA port for external as well as the on board are still in good condition or not
Reset the CMOS on the motherboard

Simply put the CMOS Battery (also known as CMOS or CMOS RAM only) is a battery that is used by the BIOS to remain active even without the flow of electricity. One such use to activate and run the function, as well as save BIOS settings, and generally wear the battery (battery round the buttons flat, diameter and thickness varies.

CMOS battery can be reset by unplugging the battery from the cradle then do short side + (positive) and-(negative) the cmos battery, then run the computer accordingly.

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