Prevent Heat processor

As the main brain in a computer, the processor can also cause problems for your computer. One cause is due to excess heat occurs (overheating) that can make your computer often restart and die suddenly. To that end, some tips that are necessary to maintain the temperature of processor to ensure the processor cooling (head sink) and fan who is able to work properly.

Below are the things that should be noted with regard to processor:

  1. make sure the top of the your processor have given with thermal paste. Thermal Paste or Thermal Grease is a gel material that serves to lift the heat from the processor to the head sink. For thermal paste that is colored silver has a better quality than the white.
  2. make sure the casing has a circulation path, because the casing smoothly less circulation will cause the hardware components inside, including the processor, faster heat.
  3. translation: Inglourious wires, especially the cable type ATA which is larger and wider than the SATA cable. Cable tidy can streamline the airflow within the chassis.
  4. For personal computers, maybe you can open the casing cover, to the effectiveness of the smooth air circulation, though it may not coincide with aesthetic value and no unsightly due to the hardware inside it looks from the outside.

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