RAM Repair

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a temporary storage place (although there is a use for a long period of time) in a computer-based devices. Data is usually stored in RAM are Bios, a basic program Binary computer to integrate other devices.

So the importance of RAM, RAM into every so often the cause of PC/laptop we die. and our assumption is that RAM is damaged and should be replaced. It is often the case when a corrupt RAM, PC or laptop then we do not want to work. Even when turned on will sound a BEEP sound that hard at your PC, that indicates the component that doesn't work.

But if we want to peruse again, RAM (Random Access Memory) we stated earlier is not necessarily broken or has not been completely broken, and could still be improved. Well with the following ways we can save you the cost of purchasing new RAM.

The equipment must be set up:
  • Ram is damaged
  • a avometer (multytester)
 Steps-steps improvements RAM:
  • First, clear memory by way of rubbing pins (box-shaped IC) memory with fabric, which aims to clean up. Clean it with thinner to remove the dust is attached. Friction with also will trigger the ions in a simulation to pin memory conductor back into more active.
  • Point scale Avometer in Ohm (Ω-scales to measure barriers), be in a position to 1 k, 10 k, 100 k.
  • Then the needles have a negative (-) Avometer (black cable) tacked on one of the pins/legs memory, and positive needle (red wire) string on the legs on the set of IC/chipset memory when memory has 8 pieces of IC for example then the friction pin (+) to the IC 8 legs.
 Now plug it back in the memory slots are available, and try to turn on your PC or laptop.
The above Tips are just for memory with physical conditions that are still intact, meaning no pin/burning feet, or even broken.

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