Apple vs Samsung heated up in Australia

Two smart phone manufacturers, Apple Incorporated world and Samsung Electronics, engaging fight patent claims in a number of countries, but only in Australia are both involved in the Court "hot"

Reuters mentions the term ' hot tub ' to fight patent that refers to a number of expert testimony in court simultaneously or together in space--the testimony of a witness is not one by one as the General Court.

The practice of joint testimony that has become a commonplace sight in the court complex in techniques such as Apple patent dispute in Australia and Samsung.

Proponents of the practice it argues that testimony practices saves time and resources, in addition to prevent the experts hired by the plaintiff does not testify and excessive.

"I think in a case like this, the practice of joint testimony is the right approach," said attorney from the Office of patent counsel the Watermark Australia, Mark Summerfield.
Australia was one of the countries where Apple and Samsung involved patent claims. Apple accused Samsung has a number of function and design in imitation of tablets and smart phones.

Meanwhile, Samsung also accused behind the Apple for violating patents wireless transmission technology.

Testimony in the case of Apple's mechanism Samsung changed the country's judicial system in Australia is becoming more observant as well as courts in Europe and Asia.

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