Apple Wins, Samsung Fined 1.05 Billion Dollars

Finally the Court San Jose, California decided Samsung convicted for infringement of copyright belongs to Apple.

In its decision issued on Friday (24/08) the United States, the Court said that the Samsung product pure imitation of creativity and design content belongs to Apple. Therefore, Samsung are obliged to pay indemnity to the Apple of USD 1.05 billion.

Although Samsung has said that they have a patent register your design and content according to Apple is the result mimics its products, the court nonetheless hold that Samsung still guilty of this.

The Court also gave evidence of the results of such a feature in the investigation every Samsung product that resembles Apple or text zooming capabilities using the finger sensor.

Apple lawyer Harold McElhinny also quipped that South Korea companies by saying, "Samsung after have run out of ideas in 2007 and eventually mimic Apple products." However, lawyers argue it with Samsung explained that Samsung made products in accordance with the wishes of the consumer device with a large screen.

Until recently, the Samsung is the toughest competitors Apple and became leader of the smart phone world in two quarters of this year. Of course, with the defeat of this Samsung makes a lot especially amongst the fans of these two products vendor performance analysis of each other.

"This is a great victory and a major defeat," said Brian Love, Professor from Santa Clara University, as quoted by the Mercury News (24/08). Not only Love, a professor from Hastings College of the Law Robin Feldman said that Friday's Court ruling was a milestone victory, but the war's largest Apple on the other hand will still continue.

After getting the endorsement that they are winners in this feud, Apple's next step is to ask the Court to block or banning of many products provide Samsung for the United States.

Uniquely, when in the ' home ' Apple managed to win in the previous trial, news, Samsung came out as the party benefited in a similar Tribunal held at South Korea or ' headquarters ' corporate creator Galaxy S III.

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