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FLV or Flash Video is a file format used for storing video from the internet using the program Adobe Flash Player or produced by Macromedia version 6 to 10. Typically, the content of flash video ever entered into the SWF file.

There are two different video file formats which can be defined by Adobe Systems and support Adobe Flash Player, the FLV and F4V.
Audio and video Data within FLV files are encoded in the same way as in the SWF file. In the meantime, file format F4V format ISO file-based media and support with Flash Player 9 update 3, released in December 2007.

FLV Format (flash video) into a standard file format options for videos that are uploaded to the site. Common sites include the FLV video file format, i.e. YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! Video, Metacafe, Reuters.com, and many other sites. Normally, Flash Video FLV file format has a material with code followed by the Sorenson Spark or compression formats VP6 video.

Normally, FLV files has the bit stream videos like the one on the video standard. Meanwhile, Sorenson Park is the old code from FLV files which are already widely used and the code is supported by Flash Player.

VP6 is a video compression for use with flash player 8 and format on it. On2 VP6 can provide a higher visual quality than Sorenson Park with excellent, especially when using lower bit rate. However, On2 VP6 is more complex and can not run on the old computer system configuration.
Flash player is today a majority of beside support F4V, FLV files and also support the videos under the name format and MPEG-4 HE-AAC audio. Flash video files are also compatible can be seen on a variety of operating systems, via the Adobe Flash Player plugin and a web browser.

Flash Movie Software
Most of the videos that are uploaded to your site or blog has a FLV or SWF format. The second format is the format of a Flash movie. For those of you who would like to convert video files into flash movie files (FLV and SWF), can use the Raize software Flash Video Converter.

Raize Flash Video Converter is a piece of software that can be used to convert video file formats AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG, MOV, MPG, MOD, QuickTime, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3g2, GIF, DV, MJPEG, VOB, WMV, and ASF files into flash movie with SWF or FLV format.

To convert video to FLV and SWF to be formatted, it will become easier and faster if you want to publish through his website or blog. Raize Flash Video Converter has some advantages. The following benefits of the software:
  • Able to convert video files with many popular formats into flash movie (FLV or SWF) easily and quickly.
  • To set the video size, bit rate, frame rate, and sebagaintya as needed.
  • Can be used to convert many videos at once.
  • Features a drag and drop which will speed up and ease in updating the convert video into a flash movie.
  • Have a quality video output results
  • In addition to convert video files into flash movie, software has additional features, namely AVI converter. AVI Converter is able to convert video files into AVI files easily. In addition, it can also convert flash file to movie file into MPEG format. However, this software is not free alias must spend money to get it.
FLV: Digital Video Formats to Popular Tube
If You swimming into the world of video media, such as Youtube, Veoh, Metacafe, or Google Vid, then Your berenang-renanglah FLV to the ocean. FLV or Flash Video is the name of a file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player version 6 or newer. Flash Video content may also be embedded within SWF files. Until version 9 Update 2 of the Flash Video of the upgrade file.

Own FLV file format called proprietary extensions and has a Flash Video, but Adobe introduced new file extensions and MIME types to be used and suggested that instead of Flash Video. Nevertheless, the Flash Video extension is already popular and before cancellation of the ektensi who are attached as reliable to depictions of file formats in the video layer mini 240x120 quantity. However, there is no complacency with the development of the mini. Mini, mini nicer towards HD (Youtube introduced it by default and will still be searched one of the best Flash Video format).

FLV-Flash Video Review
Flash Video File format parser implementing parts of ISO 41,140-12 (very limited set of MPEG-4, 3GP and support Quick Time movie). Other details you can get are as follows:
  1. 1. Flash Video supports 3GPP Specification 3GPP. This is a standard text file format in 3GP. Any number of text tracks supported and all information including esoteric stuff like karaoke meta data dumped in ' onMetaData ' and in the new drop from NetStream ' onTextData '. Language information in the individual tracks as well as terlaporkan back. You can have subtitles in several languages. Check the specification 3GPP TS 26,245 to see what information is available. Note that you have to take care of text format and put your own Flash Playe of the ability. You can use MP4Box to inject data into text files.
  2. 2. Flash Video do the Parsing. Partial support for atom ' list ' which is equivalent to the ID3 tag iTunes used to store meta data. This usually is on iTunes and contains information files ID3 tags as reported in callbacks on MetaData as a key/pair were judged in the array.
  3. 3. Software Based h.264 Codec. Flash videos or commonly known as Flash Video is a software based h.264 codec with the ability to decode Base, mainstream with high profile. 
  4. Flash Video is An AAC decoder supporting AAC Main, AAC LC and SBR (also known as HE-AAC 1).
It is possible to place h.264 streams and AAC file into Flash Video, but Adobe's traditional strongly encourage everyone to find the Flash Video file format standard. There are functional limits with the structure when Flash Video streaming h.264 is not able to overcome without a redesign of the file format. This is one reason why Adobe moving to leave the file structure before cancellation of traditional Flash videos spread on the Internet, however slowly, some users will abandon the traditional Flash videos to Flash videos up to date.

FLV-File Review Video
Flash can load and play Videos on the player who is also a variant on a par with Mp4, m4v, M4a, mov and. 3 GP files using the same NetStream API you use to load the Flash Video file. There are a few things to watch out for:
1. the Video should be in h.264 format only. As for the 2nd generation MPEG-4 (like Xvid, DivX etc.) video files don't support for FLV, h.263, Sorenson video is not suport Video does not support. A lot of good standards for using player MPEG-4 generation 2 so do not be surprised if you don't see any video, when the FLV is playing.
2. Flash player is almost 100% meet the standard h.264. All base, main, high and either 10 bit streams can be played.
3. because the file contains an index unlike old FLV files, Flash player provides a list that saves the search points. You will get this information through the onMetaData callback in an array with the name ' seekpoints '. On the downside, some files are missing information which also means that this file is not Seekable at all! This is very different from the traditional FLV file format which is based on the idea of the key frames to determine the seek points.

FLV-Flash Video Audio File to
Audio files which suport with Flash Video can be either AAC Main, AAC LC or SBR, corresponding with the audio object types 0, 1 and 2. Another thing that you should take note of the Flash Video is as follows.
  1. Sample ' mp3 ' For tracks with mp3 audio also suport.
  2. MP3 in MP4 which intends to do multi-channel mp3 playback within mp4 files is not suport.
  3. QuickTime specific style of embedding jadul with AAC and MP3 Data did not support. It is unlikely though that able to read different kinds of playernya file.
  4. Audio book Files are not encrypted. This information is exposed in the onMetaData callback as an array of objects with name ' chapters '.
  5. Flash player can play back multi-channel AAC files, although the sound is mixed down to two channels and resampled to 44.1 KHz. Multi-channel playback is targeted to run on one of the next major revisions of the Flash Player. It requires a complete redesign of the engine sound in the Flash player which comes from around 1996 and has not improved since then.
  6. All the values of the 8khz bit 96 kHz sampling for support. A 32 tap Kaiser Bessel based FIR filter which resamples the sound to 44.1 KHz, retaining high quality as well as support. The most common sample rate has a number of hard code from the fase. In the case of 48000-44100 Hz conversion filter has 147 phases f. ex. 
  7. Flash Player Update 3 Beta 2 now can play back any MP3 sampling rate of the player.
As the de facto standard for dynamic media on the web, Adobe Flash supports a number of media formats. This includes two core as open container format to provide synchronized audio in video streams: F4V and Flash Video. F4V, and is based on the ISO/IEC standard Open 41,140-12: 2008 (MPEG-4 Part 12) is also fundamental in ISO file format and media content supports h.264/AAC-based.

It has a flexible structure and defines the specific codecs supported extension, facilitating interoperability on the whole a simplified equipment, services, and clients. Flash Video support as well as Sorensen Spark codec and On2 VP6 and encode audio and video streams are synchronized in the same manner as they are coded in the SWF file.

FLV-Flash Video Image Files on
Image tracks encoded in JPEG, GIF and PNG are accessible in AS3 as a byte array through the callback ' onImageData '. You can only take a byte array and uses the class Loader to display images. Most often these images represent cover artwork for audio files. TIFF image tracks are not supported, You may be exposed to files using this. Support for the ' covr ' meta data stored in iTunes files, accessed as an array of bytes.

FLV-Flash Video and File Format F4V Specifications (Version 10.1)
Finally recently Adobe gave the upgrade and open from the Flash Video file format F4V and such. Have a store media content used in streaming audio and video for playback in Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR. Video file Format is open-source, allowing other products and technologies for implementing these specifications.

Thus the discussion around Flash Video or also known as Flash Video that its use is now rampant in cyberspace. You may be one of the users of cyberspace. By having an understanding of the FLV, you will be able to transmit video via the smooth running of the internet.

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