HP 8.9 Billion US Dollar Loss

Electronics company Hewlett-Packard (HP) record losses quarter to 8.9 billion dollars after declining sales of personal computers and the acquisition of Electronic Data Systems Corporation of 13.9 Mylar US dollars.

The value of shares of the company, based in Palo Alto California USA, such as Reuters, called down to four percent on U.S. exchanges.

HP also are conducting a process of multi years restructuration which focuses on expanding service company in addition to trim the number of employees plan amounted to eight percent of 300 thousand employees worldwide.

Cathie Lesjak HP's financial Director said half of the amount of reduction in employees targeted fiscal year-end finishes.

Lesjak said HP will subtract four thousand employees in the third quarter and at the end of a 11,500 employees in fiscal 2012.

Reuters calls the HP performance interrupted by bad forecasts during the leadership of Leo Apotheke, former Director of the main HP before Meg Whitman.

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