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You certainly know what is a iPod, isn't it? music player and Apple. If we look at public places, unconscious people dancing or singing with a regular rhythm. Don't get me wrong, it is not being used to mumble mantras to anesthetized reading others around it.
If it was not being called using handsfree, he was listening to music from your portable music player, mp3, mp4, or iPod. Today, the portable music player form is very small, just enough to put into a bag of clothes or clipped on the collar.
Once we know your portable music player called walkman portable music players, it is now named after a type of portable digital music players, such as an mp3-player, mp4 player, and iPod. In terms of size, music player with a bygone era today clearly has a very significant difference.
As we know, one of the uses is as a walkman cassette player, so any minimal size is adjusted to the size of a standard tape recorder was used as the music (analog). Now, recording technology no longer use tapes, but used digital data stored in a micro-chip called a memory card plugged in the iPod and other portable music players.
With an increasingly cutting-edge technology, we finally found the player-portable music players, such as iPod-sized small and thin. Let's say most of us will find this type of portable music player-sized 11 cm x 6 cm x 0.7 cm.
A variety of portable music players released by the various brands of electronics giant Sony, let's say. In addition many product Assembly which is a product of imitation. Giant company Apple computers, as well as not to miss out a product portable music player mp3-player.
Apple product is named with the iPod. Of shapes and colors, we can distinguish the iPod with mp3-player issued by other leading electronics companies. The iPod design is very special, as with any other Apple products owned.
There is a wide selection of shapes and colors to Apple iPod provided consumers owned. Apple really indulges consumers with a portable music player that issue this time around. If You are interested in having your ipod? Before you determine the type of iPod that will belong to You, it's good to know in advance the types of iPods here.

Ipod types
As the author point out earlier, have various kinds of iPods, can be seen clearly from the size of every kind, ranging from the size of the smallest size of brace up to size 11 cm tie x 6 cm x 0,7 cm. each type of iPod has the characteristic of usability (feature) each. In addition to the course portable music player as the main feature.
The following are the types of iPods that Apple provided to be enjoyed, even owned by devoted consumers.

Ipod Classic
Product iPod Classic has two colors, i.e. colors silver and gray. iPod Classic it has advantages especially in terms of data storage capacity. Yes, a reservoir of capacity data of a 160 GB iPod Classic and features a lithium rechargeable battery. Long battery charging is 4 hours, and can last for 36 hours of audio playback or 6 hours of video playback.
With a capacity of reservoirs of data that, at least the owner of iPod classic can put about 40,000 songs in the track list. Very much, isn't it? Well, if talks about how it looks, on the front of the iPod Classic is the LCD screen with the diagonal width 2.5 inches and the buttons operational player. The size of the iPod Classic range 10,35 cm x 6, 18 cm x 1.05 cm.
In terms of function and its use, the iPod Classic can be used as:
  • music player,
  • video player,
  • data storage takes the form of a photo; and
  • other data storage by using USB cable hard-drive that is included in every package.

Ipod Touch
The Ipod touch is not much different with my iPod classic in terms of size and usability. It's just that distinguishes two types of iPods, on the iPod Touch used for touch-screen operation. The size of the iPod Touch latest generation range 11.1 cm x cm x cm 5,89 0.72.
Equipped with a touch screen 3.5-inch diagonal size and wide array of data storage capacity, i.e. 8 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB. In addition, the iPod Touch is also equipped with FM radio facility, bluetooth, and WiFi.
Other advantages, on the iPod Touch latest generation there are sensors and face the owner identifier of the retina and gaming facilities are better. Ipod Touch mimiliki only one color variation, the screen is framed in black color, while the tow-colored silver.
Ipod Nano
The Ipod Nano has a size smaller than the iPod classic or iPod Touch. The latest generation of the iPod Nano has a chromatic color variation consisting of yellow, blue, red, pink, green, grey, and silver.
IPod Nano product which is thrown into the market was up to six generations. Type of the sixth generation iPod Nano has a half size of iPod Nano generations earlier. Featured a simpler yet they are presented.
It's just that, in the sixth generation iPod Nano includes a touch screen facility-sized diagonal 1,54 inch and rear there are clip-on clamp clips. Its size is only around 3.75 cm x 4.9 cm x 0,878 cm, and there are two options for data storage capacity, i.e. 8 GB and 16 GB.
Ipod Shuffle
Ipod Shuffle in the market has reached the fourth generation. The Ipod Shuffle is a type of small-sized iPod with the simplest facilities. The ipod Shuffle is not found screen, battery charging is done using a USB cable on the hard-drive of your PC or laptop.
The latest generation, its size is larger than the previous generation, which is 2.9 cm x cm x cm + 0.87 3.16. Moreover, it is only available with a storage capacity of 2 GB of data. The interesting part of this iPod Shuffle is an attractive design with color variations up, such as pink, orange, green, blue, and silver.
For those of you who only need a music player without other necessities, it looks like the iPod shuffle is the best choice. In addition to being able to listen the music, performing with this iPod Shuffle can raise your confidence level. The price, the iPod shuffle is still friendly with our money.

Price Range Ipod
In accordance with its specifications, the iPod classic and the iPod Touch has the highest price range, i.e. starting from $ 229. While the ipod nano pegged to the price range starting from $ 149 and pegged to the price of iPod shuffle $ 49.
Despite that, there are no rarity also offer used goods from iPod with prices far below the original price. However, before buying used goods, should be considered first in mature about the worst possibilities of goods shall we buy.
Surely you can price in the market Indonesia roundabout after converted to currency exchange rate in effect at the moment. Once you know the price range in Indonesia, the next step before deciding to buy, preferably also by necessity and kondisikan kebermanfaatan the iPod for you. Happy shopping.
Your Ipod
For music lovers, the creation of digital music player device called the iPod by Apple, is a joy unto itself. So, with this tool, we can enjoy the music we want in a way that is quite easy as well as practical. In addition the sound quality produced by this iPod device is enough to just pamper mumpuni our ears.

iPod is a brand of its own to label music player device. But then, this seems to be the name of your iPod a generic brand that is not only used by Apple Inc.. Because all digital music player is often also called the iPod even though it has not derived from the creation of Apple Inc..
This one was done by Apple's competitors electronics manufacturers, Hewlett Packard. This company makes a digital music player device named Apple iPod + HP.

The name of the iPod itself was originally used to provide labels for one type of digital media players that are still a part of the group. This early type of iPod are ultimately better known by the name of the iPod classic.

Most types of iPod is made with a fairly simple appearance with his own designs use rotary wheel system. For storage medium, between the iPod classic and iPod-the next version there is a difference. For iPod classic, storage media using the system hard drive. Dengankan model selanjutanya already make use of flash memory storage. However, all this iPod jeni alike could be digunakna as an external storage medium when the device is connected to the computer.

The history of iPod
Although he is known as one of the flagship products of Apple Inc. iPod products, but actually it was born not derived from internal company. Is Tony Fadell, a figure that was behind the big idea gives birth to a revolutionary product that came to be known by the name of your iPod.
Tony Fadell was inspired to create a digital music player that creates media coinciding with his practical music player. In addition to practical, the music player is also able to provide nuance to the music as beautiful as the strains of music that are played with a sophisticated audio devices.

Born the idea to create a digital music player device. Unfortunately, Fadell has no enough money to fund the creation of a music device into the idea. Then, he tried to show off their ideas and his play on Apple Computer is ultimately interested in partnering with him.

In cooperation with Apple, Fadell is believed to be an independent contractor to embody the idea makes a digital music player. Fadell was given full trust to create a team that is responsible for the development of two first generation digital music player device.

After the process of cooperation with such an end, Apple Fadell develop their own digital music player device. The developer team leader is Jonathan Ive, who at the time occupied the position of head of the industrial design group at the company.

And Apple's decision to accept cooperation with Fadell and then develop those products is not a thing wrong. Recorded, until October 2005, becoming the biggest players in the iPod industry digital music player. IPod market share reached 92% of the total sales of the iPod device in the United States.

For three years the initial appearance of the device, able to rake in sales up to ten million units. This number is obtained from the sale proceeds to the United States only. So when measured by sales of iPods to the outside of the United States, is believed to be in excess of that number.
This happens because the discovery of the device is considered a cultural leap. Where before, to be able to listen to a music that we want is quality, required device that is not practical. While to a portable video player device, usually has the good sound quality.

IPod generation
For the first generation iPod, launched in a press conference held by Apple Inch. This took place during a press conference last fall, Tuesday, October 21, 2001 at the headquarters of Apple Inc. on Bandley Drive, Cupertino, California. The launch of this very special, because it was judged to be attended by Steve Jobs, who is the owner of the company Apple Inch.

In its first year, the iPod is only able to be used on a Macintosh computer which is an exclusive product from Apple. But with the market demand and the development of the company, since 17 July 2002 eventually, the iPod can also be used for Windows programs. This is done by providing iPod versions of Windows based FAT32 hard drive which replaced the HFS Plus format.

The rapid growth of the iPod, when Windows started to create software to organize your iTunes digunkaan collection of songs stored on your iPod. Before, to be able to manage a collection of songs in iPod, iPod owners should have an other software such as Musicmatch Jukebox, ephPod or Xplay is used as an arranger. ITunes device itself was launched on 16 October 2003.

In the latest generation of iPods, is set up with a system that can be used for the Macintosh or Windows at once. Although this device hard iPod drivenya is set up for the use of the Macintosh, but the owner of this iPod can change it to be read on a Windows-based tool. For the old generation iPods using HFS Plus format, cannot be used on Windows because this format is not recognized by Windows.

That's why the new generation of iPod has started to use FAT32 format. Where this format can be read by Macintosh and Windows. Although actually using HFS formatting a bit more consumers will benefit, because in this format data storage space can be made available more. In addition to using HFS Plus, the iPod can be used as media for booting on a Macintosh computer.

Recognition of the quality of the iPod is not just coming from the general public. The company's competitor Apple Inc. that Hewlett Packard himself acknowledged that the iPod has a pretty good quality. That's why they make a purchase from the Apple iPod name on 8 January 2004. This is done because Hewlett Packard mood to make a music player device with HP Hpod brands named.

And on 9 January 2004, finally launching the iPod product HP new color when Electrons Show exhibition organized Consumer. Of these products, HP makes the exact same product with blue iPod and sell it under the name of the Apple iPod + HP.
IPod flaw

However, behind the success stories that keep some weakness of the iPod which is often made of criticism by consumers. Even competitors from Apple itself often convey weakness such as an attempt to divert the attention of prospective consumers iPod on them more.

One of the drawbacks is the iPod battery which is not too tough. In addition, in the event of damage to the battery, then the device can not used again due to its Ipod battery cannot be replaced. In terms of sound, power bass effects are also less too strong despite the emergence of distortions in the bass equalizer.

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