Microsoft Surface Review

Microsoft Surface is a row of a tablet computer designed and marketed by Microsoft. Surface will be available in two versions, one version of the operating system Windows RT and one running Windows 8. Microsoft has announced that a different version of the Surface will be available in the ARM Architecture and Intel CPU while it is 6.6 ", 16: 9 high definition (Surface), or full high definition Display (Surface Pro).
This product was announced by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at a meeting in Los Angeles on June 18, 2012, housed in Milk Studios. Until 19 June 2012, there has been no price and release date are available.

Microsoft Surface features VaporMg, a Magnesium casing is made up of components that includes Surface, paired with a cover layer of physical vapor deposition, which is a manufacturing process that produces a durable cover layer. VaporMg possible to be melted and molded magnesium detail for Surface and allows the Surface has a weight of only 0.68 kilograms. In the second model Surface there is also a USB port, a micro-SD slot, and a magnetic path to attach accessories such as ' Cover ' and ' soft Closing type '. There are also two cameras overlooking the back and front. Front-facing camera to be tilted 10 degrees to users while the holder is used. 0.77 millimetres thick Surface mounting allows Surface to one corner of the supported horizontal oriented to an experience to see nirtangan. Surface also had ventilation that allows air to shallow waters flowing out of the side, and help avoid the blockage of airflow by the hands of the user holding the device.
For the CPU, Surface with Windows RT will use an Nvidia Tegra CPU. Surface Pro with Windows 8 will use a chip "Ivy Bridge" Core i5 chip like in Windows Laptop at the moment.
The device Surface that demonstrated in the meeting Microsoft Surface has a new connection port with 5 pins. This is known as the magnetic charging connector in a Microsoft presentation by Steve Sinofsky.

Good Surface or Surface Pro has a screen with aspect ratio of 10.6 "16: 9 HD Display uses ClearType technology from Microsoft. This view supports ultra wide angle of vision-and auto-Setup screen intensity. Surface has a high-definition display and Surface Pro has full high definition display. In an announcement of Michael Angiulo said that when looking at the Surface from a distance of 17 Pro ", the eye will not be able to distinguish between each point.

Microsoft will offer two close keyboard Cover for Surface: Touch Cover and Type Cover. Both when folded would be protective is hooked on the Surface through a magnetic connectors. When it opened, close it into a keyboard. Close the tap has a thickness of 3 mm and has a touch-sensitive keyboard and multi-touch trackpad. Close type thicker and more traditional ketiknya Board. Both also have a multi-touch touchpad.

There has been no date of shipment/availability was announced. Surface with Windows RT will be available along with the availability of Windows 8 in General and Surface Pro will be available 3 months thereafter. According to analyst Sarah Rotman Epps of Forrester Research, Surface will be available in stores beginning Microsoft and online.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said at a meeting in Los Angeles that "retail prices will be announced closer to availability and expected competitive comparison with a tablet ARM or Intel Ultrabook. OEMS will have the price and characteristics in accordance with Windows 8 and Windows RT. "

Microsoft Surface Review
Developer                   Microsoft

Type                            Tablet Computer

Operating System      Windows RT (Surface)
 Windows 8 (Surface Pro)

Battery Power             31.5 W-h (Surface)
  42 W-h (Surface Pro)

CPU                            Nvidia Tegra ARM (Surface)
Quad-core Intel Core i5 (Surface Pro)

Storage                       Surface 32 or 64 GB and microSD slot
Surface Pro 64 or 128 GB and microSDXC slot
Display                        Surface 10.6 in the high-definition screen with 16: 9 aspect ratio
Surface Pro 10.6 in the high-definition screen with 16: 9 aspect ratio

Input                            Multi-touch screen, Touch Cover, Type Cover
Surface Pro Pen with palm block

Connectivity                2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/[[IEEE802.11n-2009|n]])

Weight                         676 g (Surface)
903 g (Surface Pro)

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