Mouse and Keyboard for Windows Tablets

Microsoft presents the mouse and keyboard for tablets 
Manufacturers of computer operating systems Microsoft puts mouse control devices and panel type keyboard for tablet users.

"With a new mouse and keyboard products, Microsoft Hardware device to distract supporters move to Windows 8 and Windows 7 RT,"
call the Rich Brown of CNET.

Four new Microsoft device using Bluetooth connection and is aimed at Windows 8 tablet and laptop are:

Mobile Keyboard Wedge. This Keyboard has a cover that doubles as a buffer tablets in standing position.
"Although only as a rubber cover, Microsoft products do not offer the ability to charge the connectivity as Apple iPad Dock," call it Brown.

The second product has a Mouse Touch Wedge that design elliptical. Products that have a scroll control touch on the surface.

Brown said the Touch Mouse not suitable Wedge used when serious work because of it's small size mouse.

Then, Touch the Mouse with Sculpt like a mouse on the market computer enhancements. Products that have a scroll control on the surface of the square instead of the scroll wheel.

The final product is Sculpt Travel Keyboard with curved shape. The product is called Brown will complement the range of products as the brand that Sculpt is more affordable than Wedge series products.

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