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Instagram is a photo sharing application that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter, and to a variety of Web service nito social, including own Instagram property One unique feature on Instagram is cut into a square shape, photo so it looks like the Kodak Instamatic camera results and Polaroid. This contrasts with the 4: 3 aspect ratio commonly used by the camera on the mobile device.

Instagram can be used on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with operating system version any iOS 3.1.2 or later and any with camera phone Android operating system 2.2 (Froyo) or later. This application is distributed through Apple's App Store and Google's Play.

On April 9, 2012, it was announced that Facebook agrees to take over with a value of about Instagram 1 billion $.

Founded in the year 2010 the company Burbn, Inc., is a technology startup that is focused solely on the development of applications for mobile phones. Burbn, Inc. initially alone has the focus ... too much inside the HTML5 mobile, however the second CEO, Kevin Systrom and also Mike Krieger, decided to focus on one thing only. After one week they tried to make a good idea, in the end they made a first version of Burbn, but in it there are still some things that haven't been perfect. The final version, Burbn it is an application that can already be used in the iPhone, which is where the content is too many features. It is difficult for Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger to reduce existing features, and started again from scratch, but ultimately they are just focused on the parts of the image, comment, and also the ability to like a photograph. That is what eventually became Instagram.

The Instagram Name
The name is derived from the notion of instagram the overall functioning of the application. The word "insta" comes from the word "instant", such as a polaroid camera at the time known as "instant photo". Instagram can also display the photos instantly, like polaroid in appearance. As for the word "gram" is derived from the word "telegram", where the workings of the telegram himself is to send information to others quickly. Same is the case with the Instagram can upload photos using the internet network, so the information is delivered to be accepted quickly. Therefore Instagram comes from instant-telegram.

On April 9, 2012, it was announced that Instagram will be taken over by Facebook valued at nearly $ 1 billion in cash and stock.

Instagram features
Within the social system is with a followed Instagram user account, or have followers Instagram. Thus communication between fellow user Instagram itself can be entwined with cues like and also commented on the photos that have been uploaded by other users. Followers also became one of the important elements, where the number of tokens rather than greatly affect whether the followers of these photos can be a photograph that is popular or not. To find friends who are in Instagram. Can also use their friends who are also using Instagram through social networking like Twitter and Facebook.

Upload A Photo
The main purpose of Instagram is as a place to upload and share photos with other users. You are going to want to have uploaded the photos can be obtained via camera iDevice or photos in the photo album on your iDevice.

Photos that have been taken through the applications can be stored on Instagram iDevice. The use of the camera via Instagram can also directly use existing effects, to adjust the coloring of photos desired by the user. There is also a camera tilt-shift effect that its function is to focus on a specific photo at one point. After the photo was taken through the camera inside the image, else Instagram can also played him in accordance with the wishes of the users.[6] the photos will be uploaded via Instagram is not limited to a certain amount, but rather on Instagram has limitations for the size of the photo. The size that is used in Instagram is by a ratio of 3: 2 or just limited to box-shaped course. The user can only upload photos with that format, or must edit the image I used to customize existing formats. After the user selects a photo to be uploaded in Instagram, then the user will be taken to the next page to edit the image.

Photo Effects
In the first version, Instagram has 15 the effects that can be used by users when they are about to edit a photo. Effects consist of: X-Pro II, Lomo-fi, Earlybird, Sutro, Toaster, Brannan, Inkwell, Walden, Hefe, Apollo, Poprockeet, Nashville, Gotham, 1977, and Lord Kelvin [7]. But right on September 20 ago Instagam has added 4 pieces of the latest effects namely; Valencia, Amaro, Rise, Hudson and have removed 3 effects, Apollo, Poprockeet, and Gotham from inside the feature. In effect the deployment even if user can also remove frames-photo frames that are included in the aforementioned effects. Other features that exist in the section editing is Tilt-Shift. Tilt-shift, same functions with camera effects via instagram, namely to focus on a single point on a photo, and its surroundings become opaque. In its application of Tilt-Shift has two forms, namely the rectangle and well rounded. The second form can be arranged, as well as large and small focal point desired. Tilt-shift photographs around the set as well as a focal point, so that the user can set the opaque levels at around a focal point in the image.

Photo title
After the photos were edited, then the photos will be taken to the next page, where the image will be uploaded into your own or to Instagram social networking more. Where in them there is simply no option to upload on a social networking or not, but also to include the title of the photo, and add the location of the image. Before uploading a photo, users can enter the title to name the image in accordance with what is dipikiran users. The titles in question, the user can offend other users by attaching the Instagram accounts of such person. Users are also able to provide labels on the title of the image, as a hint to classify the image inside a category.

Photo Label
A label inside is a code that Instagram makes it easy for users to search for photos by using "keywords". Thus when the users give labels on an image, then the image can be easier to find. The Label itself can be used in any form of communication is concerned with the photo itself. The user can enter his own name, the place where taking photos is, to proclaim an event, to indicate that the image following a race, or to indicate that the image is generated by community members instagram. Photos that have been uploaded, it can put a label in accordance with the corresponding information with photos. At the time of this label is the best way if we want to promote photos inside instagram.

Regulations in Instagram
As a place to mengundah photographs from the general public, there are some specific rules of the user, in order that Instagram has not mengundah the photos that do not comply with regulations. The most important rules in which they very Instagram is banning loud for photographs that smelled of pornography, and also mengundah other users photos without asking for permission first. If there is one photo of accounts that look the same by other users, the user tersebuk has the right meal to mark the picture with the flag or report them directly to Instagram.

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