Excellence of Windows 8

Before using one of these operating systems, there is a good friend of his understanding of all shortcomings and advantages of the latest Windows 8 operating system, here I will discuss a bit of advantages and disadvantages of  Windows 8.


1. Optimize for a touch screen
Windows 8, interface who has been dubbed the Metro is really optimized for a touch interface with an existing Windows Phone.

2. support the ARM chip
Windows 8 supports devices that use the infrastructure of the ARM chip. It is expected to extend the reach of Windows 8 tablet at the arena, considering most tablets in circulation currently wearing the ARM chip.

3. a short boot time
Boot Windows 8 in demo only takes place in 8 seconds. A much shorter time than booting in earlier versions of Windows.

4. Windows 8 do not need to upgrade PC
Microsoft says computers that can run Windows 7 can also run Windows 8 so that users do not have to upgrade your PC. According to Microsoft, Intel Atom processor and 1 GB of RAM is sufficient for running this OS

5. Store Windows application Store
Windows 8 will have its own application store called Windows Store. Windows Store provides a wide range of applications optimized for Windows 8.

6. support of NFC (Near Field Communications)
Windows 8 will support the NFC, a technology that use among others for financial transactions. Windows 8 Tablet wearing any likely will automatically include this feature.


1. overlapping Metro UI and Aero UI.
Developers find the existence of constantly switching between tile-based Metro UI and glassy Aero UI. It is judged to be reasonable and very confusing. Switching from application and desktop application is very hard to do.

2. There is no option to change the tiles become icons.
The size of the tiles to the smallest, it is still too large. When would we install many applications then this screen will look chaotic Metro.

3. difficult to switch between screens.
The absence of Alt-Tab function, such as when working with the desktop and keyboard to switch from one app to another app that is probably the thing that is very difficult. Instead, Windows 8 Metro UI we cannot use a pointer or finder to put a screen on the left side and drag. It sounds very trivial, but the problem will appear when we work with many applications. There is no quick and easy way to switch between applications. If moving the mouse towards the left then an icon will pops up. And if not then we have to right click it a few times or try again.

4. Metro multitasking.
If the application uses PAL Metro (for tablets) in Windows 8, the screen will display the two applications are lined up. For beginners it will not be a big problem. However for the advanced user, multitasking capabilities with Metro just for the two applications is a fatal weakness.

5. Metro.
Metro can indeed work well on tablets but the UI is not compatible if used on the desktop. Hard to do for a friend who uses a Notebook. So that by default Windows 8 might not be booting to the Metro UI. In other words Microsoft needs to provide the kill-switch to shut down the Metro UI.

6. Flash content on the Tablet PC.
It turns out Microsoft deliberately make Windows 8 does not support Flash content on the Tablet PC. The reason Microsoft is doing this is to save battery the Tablet. Moreover, it also can protect the privacy of our Tablets and increase security. This is because in some applications and other electronic devices, the use of Flash content thus cause data damage or crash.

Maybe it used to be that I can create all of your info right, may be useful.

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