Self Test Print for Epson Printers

Here's how the self test print for Epson printers. Self test print test is done without using a computer, so for the purposes of service printers, can be done without using a computer without the need to install the drivers, of course.

 How to self test print for Epson printer:

1. For Epson type C series: C41 C42 C43, C45, C58, C61, C62, C63, C65, C67, C79, C85, C90, C87, C86, etc.
For Epson R series: R210, R230, R230X, R270, etc.
For Epson T-type series: T11, T20, T13, T13X, etc.
For Epson type L series: L100, L110 L200 L210, L300, L310, etc.

Here's How:

  • Make sure the printer in die/off
  • Press the resume should not be removed
  • Press the power button (1 x then off) while pressing the resume
  • Fixed press resume 4-5 seconds, then off

2. For Epson CX type series: CX Series: CX 4300, CX 3600, CX3700, CX 5100, CX 4900, CX 5900, etc.

Here's How:

  • Press the power button do not removed
  • Then press the ink/ink should not be removed
  • Wait until the power indicator light flashes 1 x
  • Then disconnect both the power button and ink simultaneously.

I hope these tips are helpful.
Good Luck.

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