BlackBerry BBM Take Back on Android and iPhone

BlackBerry has attracted applications back BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which had landed on Android and the iPhone. Head of BlackBerry Messenger Andrew Bocking explained, the number of applications ' asphalt ' in circulation is the reason the company to withdraw the application.

"Last week, an old version of BBM for Android scattered site sharing.
This resulted in the old version data traffic soaring message so that the impact on the system, "he explained through affidavits.

Advanced BlackBerry, Andrew, who is searching for a method to block BlackBerry Messenger that are not official.

"The only way to overcome this problem is to stop the launch on Android and iPhone," he said.

Then, the BlackBerry is currently working to ensure that the system is capable of blocking unauthorized applications. Therefore, Andrew requires time to fix the system.

In our opinion, Saturday (8/9) morning, BlackBerry Messenger can already be downloaded. However, at approximately 9: 00 PM EST, the application is not available in the Apple App Store.

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