Epson Me32 Blink Reset

Reset Epson Me32 Printer
If you have a Printer, of course is ready with all their risks. The risk is most often are overloaded. Overload due to often do print. to cope with the overload of course needs to be reset. There are 2 ways to reset the manual reset and reset software. This time I will explain how to reset using the software. Printer reset Epson is in Me32.

  • The first step of course Epson printer driver already installed should be Me32.
  • Download software resetter Epson Me32 first. Software Resetter Epson named Me32, you can download it here.
  • Date of the computer does not need to be changed as the previous resetter.
  • Important!!! Turn off your Antivirus, because this resetter Epson Me32 is detected as a virus by antivirus.
  • Run the program resetter Epson Me32 with double click in "AdjProg. exe".
  • Then follow the picture below:

  • "Check: used to check the maximum counter 7800 points, you can see it on the main pad counter. If more or close to 7,800 point means the printer needs to be reset in the”"Initialization: used to reset the printer counter back or reset”
  • Once finished turn off the printer and then turn it on again. The Printer will flame with green lights. Epson Stylus Me32 printer means that blink was already ready to be used again.

 Good Luck

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  1. To reset the waste ink error you will need to download a reset program. This resets the printer counters back to zero and the printer will work again as normal. You can download this reset program from our website.

  2. Thanks buddy!

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  3. send me a link adjustment program.

  4. send me a link adjustment program


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